Thursday, January 6, 2011

Maclaren Reviews ... Post 3: The one where I put the smack down...ok no...I still like them

After a few weeks of harsh clinical studies (read: a lot of playing and chewing), here is what I have to say about the Maclaren toys sent for us to review (last month)

For Avery to test:

Avery is sort of an equal-opportunity teether with her toys ... but as these have carseat/stroller attachments (see below)... it bumps them to the head of class. This makes them teethers (for when she’s in her swing or high chair) and entertaining toys for when she’s in mobile-mode. Score and score.

And the puzzles Carter tested:

Well... they’re still in train-mode. That, or maybe they’re migrating? Regardless, they’re still entertaining him. Another score.

My review (what? Mom’s count too):

I would recommend these to a friend, a grandparent, a talkative stranger, and local companies (to stock Maclaren toys...why don’t they by the way?). And for me to recommend a toy takes a lot. It either has to educate, entertain (without the child getting bored quickly), hmm..what else...easy to clean (don't judge some toys can be hard)...and I am pretty particular about a toy’s quality. These toys have passed every mommy and kid test that we have put them to.

Next test - playdates. Tune in for more.

Disclaimer: Maclaren sent these toys to us to review - but did not compensate us in any other way and of course did not ask me to say happy, shiny things about them. All opinions are very much my own.

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