Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maclaren Post 4: Review Wrap Up

I am sad to report that this is our final review post on Maclaren (unless they would like us to review more...I say with a big smile, nod and wink):

The kids have had such a great time reviewing these products (as have I...and Chad...and my parents....and some of our friends).

In fact, our friend Chris came over the other day and Carter ran to get his Maclaren Arctic puzzle to show him (I think Carter is proud that he can finally put all of the pieces together correctly... which in all honesty - can be hard (heck, it takes me a few tries)).(or maybe it's because the blue whale (bet you can't locate that in the picture below) matched his button-up perfectly), and then Carter made the animals line up in train-format. I know you're shocked. After that, madness ensued.

(I promised I bought him pants that fit after this)

Avery munched on her toys more (and her feet, her hands, my shirt, the corner of the couch, my hair, a passing cat (just kidding peta) and every other object she could get ahold of).
And, of course, I blogged about it. The funny part was that when I told Carter that I was blogging about the Maclaren toys, he made another train with the critters by my computer... and then lined them up to "watch mommy bog." I wonder if the animals find my blog as riveting as the other 4 people that read it...maybe they will follow me on twitter.

If they were to mention this post on twitter...what would their hashtags be?

Here's my guess:

Hmm, somehow I got off topic. Anyways, we have had a fabulous time reviewing all three of these Maclaren products.

1.) The Arctic Puzzle:

Photo From the Maclaren Facebook page (which you can "like" on Facebook by the way)

2.) Plush Stroller Toys (with bunny, balloon and octopus):

3.) Plush Stroller Toys (with plane, race car and sailboat):

Chic design + practical everyday use + fun and entertaining for kids...I guess you could say, I’m a Maclaren fan for life.

Disclaimer: Maclaren sent these toys to us to review - but did not compensate us in any other way and of course did not ask me to say happy, shiny things about them. All opinions are very much my own.

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