Monday, January 3, 2011

A day full of disappointing my children with normal-ness

The holidays are over. Our Christmas tree is gone (I certainly didn’t expect the massive toddler meltdown - I’ll be sure to promptly forget about this new tidbit of parental wisdom so that I can be shocked and unprepared for the meltdown again next year), our decorations have been packed up and put away and life at the gotfam household is back to “normal.”
Little did I know though (another new bit of parental wisdom) that having had so many people constantly around the kids...they would grow accustomed to getting a ton of attention and whatever they wanted.

So you can imagine how happy they were with me this morning. If there could have been word balloons over their heads, they may have read things like this,

“a poptart for breakfast....where are my homemade pancakes, home fries, fresh fruit and puppets playing with me while I eat?”

“why am I stuck in this exercaucer? Why isn’t someone holding me constantly and telling me how cute I am 24 hours a day?”

“NAP? Um No.”

And here are a few of my favorite conversations (so far) from my day of getting-back-to-normal with the kids:

I went into Carter’s room to get him up this morning and he looked at me slightly disappointed...

Carter: No Chrissy, want Daddy

Me: Did you just call me by my first name? Call me mommy please. Mommy is going to get you up - because daddy’s at work.

Carter: Papa?

Me: Papa went home ... to Michigan

Carter: Santa?

Me: You have quite a while to wait for Santa to come back little dude

Carter: Phone Santa please

Me: Avery, eat your squishy food

Me: Avery, stop spitting your squishy food at me

Me: Seriously Avery, stop spitting food out

Me: Spit your food out Avery

Me: reverse psychology doesn’t work yet?

Me: Ok kids...we’re off to the store

Carter: Get trucks from Santa

Me (thinking oh crap..what?): Uhh...santa gets his toys from his workshop...remember we talked about the elves?

Carter: Truck store mommy

Me: We’re going to the grocery store...and I doubt they have trucks there

Carter: Get mac and cheese

Me: Sigh ... at least say please

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