Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chairs, Puzzles and Bunnies (where could that go wrong?)

This past week (three weeks ... um no ... month) seems to have flown past quicker than imaginable (just like my gain of almost 8 pounds (read: ok ten ... err ... eleven ... stop judging me - I’m on a diet now ... honest)).

We celebrated Christmas (post and plenty of pictures to come on that), we had a few toddler melt downs, we celebrated New Years (see note about posts to come), had more toddler melt downs, had a ton of super cute kid moments, celebrated more (read: drank more), cleaned up our celebrations... and now it’s back to life as usual.

One thing we set up (and are now enjoying) is the new activity table area. Technically, we set it up last year (the table was Carter’s Christmas gift from Nana and Papa last year). And this year they brought the kids two adorable chairs. So we used this as our chance to talk to Carter about appropriate areas to do crafts, color, play with puzzles and books, (pick his nose and rub it under the table...oh we said not to do that), etc. Even though we fully know (and support the fact) that he (and eventually Avery) will end up dragging their crafts, crayons, books, boogies (we don't support that so much...but we accept it) and puzzles all over the house (again).

One thing that we proudly placed on the activity table - Carter’s Maclaren puzzle. I just can’t get over how uber-trendy designy it is. My uber-techy-and-design-dorky family loved it too. My dad started to rattle off all of the design influences the puzzle’s creator must have had (he and I have a lot in common... a ‘history-of-design’ documentary and some popcorn would be both of our ideas of the best entertainment ever).

And Carter hasn’t seemed to bore of it either. I can’t say he uses it correctly ... but what can you expect - he would just much prefer to make everything transform into a train, truck, or plate of mac and cheese.

He likes to dump the pieces out, create a train out of the animals, crash a truck into them, and then stage an accident scene - that his fire truck (or other misc rescue vehicles) can arrive at - in a real hurried fashion. And then there is all sorts of mumbling that seems to occur, of which I can only assume is his version of the rescuers discussion of what must have happened at said accident.

Regardless, it keeps him entertained. So, I don’t question.

My only comment (this is more for kids that use it correctly) is that the outlines on the puzzle can be slightly too small (not to scale). The only reason I know this is because I was playing with it ... and it took me a few tries to get the pieces into the correct places (which speaks sad sad volumes about my intelligence).

And Avery (as you can probably imagine) continues to chew on her stroller toys lovingly. The bunny has already had to be wiped off (due to copious amounts of carrot (oh how appropriate ... nicely played Avery ...) squished into it’s fur).

Disclaimer: Maclaren provided the puzzle and stroller toys that I referred to in this post (free of charge). They did not, however, compensate me in any other way.

Note: hold onto your panties - a change is a-comin'! (in the form of a new website! I'll let you know more ... well ... when I launch the new site)

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