Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Put some 'Tussin on it

I don’t know how many of you are Chris Rock fans ... but if you are - you may have seen the “put some tussin on it” skit. And if so, i’m in luck ... because you may just understand me a tiny bit more from having seen that skit.

You see, I grew up in a family where there were two fix-it-all’s ...and they were:

1.) Vicks Vapor Rub

2.) Solarcaine

Now, I don’t think Solarcaine is even sold any more (which should say something onto itself). But if you remember it - you know that it’s spray (made up of misc ingredients that seem to disinfect, cleanse, heal and protect (shit, who knows what else it was capable of... maybe it could change my kids diapers, or better yet - potty train them ... I wonder if it would disinfect the diaper genie. I digress)).

And if you haven’t heard of Vicks Vapor Rub, then you live in a cave. It’s magical. Fairies must mix it at night when we sleep ... because it seriously works wonders. If you’re a fan of the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ it is my equivalent to Windex.

Or, if you like Chris Rock’s “tussin” skit ... it’s my tussin. I love it. I would eat it if it didn’t taste so nasty. I put it on my nose (which the box clearly says not to do), I put it on my neck, my chest, my kids necks, my kids chests, in my kids humidifiers, in wall-plugins, hell ... i’d wipe it on the carpets and furniture if I could (Chad drew the line).

If only febreeze read my blog ... they would for sure make a Vicks Vapor Rub scented spray. A girl can dream.

What is your “fix-all?” I’d love to hear some good ones. Leave a comment, email me (gotfam.blogspot@gmail dot com), twitter me (@mygotfam) or well, that’s about it. I love me some good why-people-are-weird-like-me stories.

Note: Please pardon the lack of pictures this week. I am still working on switching things over to my new computer.

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Bilbo said...

The standard fix-alls for me are duct tape and WD-40. If it moves and it shouldn't, use the duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should, use the WD-40. Oh, and you can never have enough good old cotton never know when you'll need to tie down your trunk lid over some oversized object, or restrain an unruly ... uh ... never mind.