Saturday, December 18, 2010

Maclaren Toy Reviews: Post 1

Well, who'd a thunk it ... someone actually wants my opinion. Ok, well ... my kids opinions.

The kids were chosen as official Maclaren Kid Testers for two Maclaren products. And, as I have always loved Maclaren, I happily signed up and eagerly awaited for my package (seriously, I should be able to use the word “package” without laughing at some point in my adult life right?) to arrive. Unfortunately, then last week happened (which I am still not ready to blog about ... thus I am just going to go on blogging - and blog about last week when I am good and ready).

Needless to say, the Maclaren package-of-fun has been sitting in our foyer teasing us for over a week.

Well, we finally opened it tonight:

Carter’s toy is called the ‘Arctic Puzzle’ (designed by David Netto - which makes design dorks like me jump up and down)... and is absolutely adorable.


You know how there are two types of toys? The ones that look cheap (like you will throw them away within the year - but not before they leave a trail of broken pieces throughout your house that your cat will more-than-likely eat and then throw up in your living room in front of guests) ...

... and than the ones that look like your kids will have them forever and someday hand it to their kids and say, "I remember throwing this at your aunt when I was a did I get in trouble for that" well, this looks like it would be one that Carter will one day hand his kids. Which I can appreciate - quality kid products are hard to find these days.

Carter immediately grabbed the puzzle and dumped all of the pieces out (stomped on them, threw two pieces at the couch, drove his dump truck over the polar bear, made a train out of the puzzle pieces and then yelled “CHOO CHOO” for about ten minutes, stomped on them more) and then started to put the pieces back into the puzzle.

Avery’s toys are two separate stroller/car seat toys called “Travel Companions.” They are made up of three (on each set) stuffed toys that look like different things (i.e. a bunny,

a plane, a race car, etc).

They came with little story-like description cards that are just as cute (and imaginative) as the toys themselves (I love toys that have little add-on specks of entertainment for parents too).

I have not yet had a chance to attach them to her stroller or car seat - so I just handed them to her to see what her reaction was. She immediately crammed them in her mouth and started happily munching away (no big shocker there... that kid would put a living skunk in her mouth if she could get her hands on one). But they kept her entertained for quite a while - which in 6 month old terms of entertainment ... is a very very good thing.

All in all... the initial reaction seems good. Very very good.

More posts on these products to come (lets see what my little monsters...*cough*...children will do)

More Info: Yes, Maclaren is most well known for their strollers...but they obviously have other cool stuff too. Feel free to pa ruse their website for more information.

Disclaimer: Maclaren sent me these products to review. No other compensation was received. They did not tell me what to write, imply that I had to write any particular thing (i.e. good reviews - in fact - they asked for honest reviews (which is all I am capable of anyways)), threaten to force me to listen to Michael Bolton music for hours on end if I didn’t write certain key words or happy-sounding phrases. In fact, when I told them that I would be delayed in writing anything (due to an illness and then death in the family) they were not only understanding - but also wonderfully sympathetic. Rock on Maclaren... Rock on.

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