Thursday, December 2, 2010

The 12 Days of Christmas

For the month of December, I will (sporadically) be posting a “12 Days of Christmas” Series (and I promise pictures will return soon).

Now, i’ll be honest, I’m not going to do twelve consecutive days. Because let’s be honest, things get hectic around the holidays (and in a house with two kids under three - or just two kids period). So, I am just going to give myself a little just-in-case-someone-gets-sick-and-our-house-turns-into-a-poopfest-or-a-kid-refuses-to-nap-and-turns-into-a-three-headed-monster-and-I-end-up-hiding-in-the-basement leeway.

The twelve days series will be things families with kids can do around the holidays. However, they won’t be location specific. I may refer to locations - but all activities I am planning will be things that anyone can do (with small variations) anywhere in the country or world (ok, smarties ... there are probably some places throughout the world that may not work. So, I’ll rephrase - “The vast majority of you will be able to do these activities” - the rest of you - if you cannot do one of these activities, feel free to email me and I will make an alternative suggestion catered to your location).

This fun series will be coming to a blog near you (ok...this blog...I just like 'a-something-near-you' as a sounds so official) sometime next week (read: when I get around to starting it). So be sure to check back.

It won’t start tomorrow though - I promise you this. Tomorrow, I will be spending the day trying to figure out why my jeep quit working (again)...and also at the department of motor vehicles renewing my license...that I didn’t realize had expired. And since neither of those things are fun...or something that I would suggest to anyone (that I like) won’t see a holiday related post from me tomorrow. In fact, if you see a post tomorrow I can pretty much guarantee that it will just be about how much I hate my jeep or the dmv.


Karen At Home said...

Hi Chrissy, I just read your blog comment. Wow, it is a small world! I have know Jill since she was in middle school!!! We all went to NR together, she has been friends with my sister since they were kids. Too funny!!!


Heather said...

Hi Chrissy ~ I just found your blog via Karen's under "cleveland blogs" -- cute blog! I was laughing at your post where you texted your hubby telling him he must be getting you new boobs!! :-) That's what I'm thinking I want these days too, LOL! Look forward to following you blog! ~Heather