Monday, November 1, 2010

We did the Mash

Once a year…a glorious day comes around. A day that some moms (read: me) turn into a week’s worth of dress-up events/photos ops. A day (read: week) of make-believe-meets photo mania. A day when dressing your 5 month old as a bunny and your 2 year old as an elephant isn’t seen as some sort of child torture… but is a fun and acceptable activity.

Me likey Halloween.

Given my obsession with bunny’s … and Carter’s obsession with elephants … my costume choices were obvious. Not to mention, I am on limited time until they start to pick their own costumes. So I have to get my must-haves in now.

My must-haves include:
- A monkey (Carter took care of this last year)
- A white bunny (Avery took care of this this year)
- A turkey (Carter took care of this two years ago)
- A princess (I get the feeling that this will take care of itself in the next few years)

Our Halloween Weekend went something like this:
Saturday during the day - I spent the afternoon frantically running around trying to piece together 80's costumes. My original costume idea was the prom dress from the end of 'Pretty in Pink.' However, as horribly put-together as it looked in the movie … it was actually harder to recreate than I had originally thought it would be. My next costume idea was to be Jake’s date from 'Sixteen Candles' (the girl who’s hair got stuck in the door). But this costume required too much explanation. So I ended up as Punky Brewster. And Chad was Doc Brown from Back to the future.
Saturday Night - Grandma G. came over to watch the kids and put them to bed ... and Chad and I went to an adult 80's themed Halloween party ( conversations).

Sunday - Pumpkin carving, trying to convince Carter to eat anything other than candy, trying to convince myself to eat anything other than candy, mentally lecturing myself for eating so much candy, and a little decorating.
And then grandma G. came over to see the kids in their costumes we got ready for trick-or-treating.

Sunday night – we brought the kids trick-or-treating for a short amount of time - to some of our friends houses and our immediate neighbors. And then we had to get the disgruntled/tired bunny home.
I asked this last year too - but pop quiz...what's in Chad's coffee mug? Hint: It's not coffee.

I hope you all had fun this Halloween. I know I did.

p.s. I originally had a whole paragraph typed up about "sexy women's halloween costumes"...but I deleted it. I haven't decided whether or not I will post it later. It just sounded like me bitching about women making themselves seem brainless. But somewhere in my made me sound bitter. Which I'm not. But I can't decide which is worse...bitter or brainless. So I opt not to answer that question.


Carrie said...

Those costumes are priceless!!! ;) Wanted to follow you from MBC but can't find your tab. Saying hi.

Bilbo said...

Great costumes! My granddaughter drove me nuts with pumpkin carving...her mom bought a book of design stencils, and Leya picked out the most maddeningly intricate design for me to carve on her pumpkin - a spider in its web. Took me two hours, and it only looked like a spider on a web if you had a few drinks, cocked your head to one side and squinted. Fortunately, to a three-year-old, it looked great, and I'm a hero. Yee, hah!

Karen At Home said...

It looks like your family had a great Halloween!!! BTW, your home is decorated so cute. Love it!

Thanks for the Twitter follow!