Thursday, November 11, 2010

Proof that the little one will test us

We have a video monitor in Avery’s room (and will in Carter’s room if Amazon could ever get their crap together). It sits at the end of her crib (actually, it sits on her crib ... on the rail).

Yup, I’m that mom. The one that puts her own need-to-know above her kids rights-to-privacy. Just you wait ‘til they’re teenagers.

And up until now I took for granted the fact that she didn't move around a whole lot, was unable to get to the end of the crib, unable to get to the video monitor, you can probably see where this is going. Not anymore. She spotted it a while back and has been curious as to what it was. But we thought that we had another month or so before we had to mount it on the wall (safely away from little hands).

We thought wrong.

Today, she scooted down to the end of the crib during her naptime … and started to pound her feet against the rails until the whole monitor fell. And typically I would have seen this happening (as I would have had my face pressed up against the hand-held video part watching her every move), but being that it was naptime (and she was quiet), I thought she was sleeping… so I was doing dishes. Next thing you know, I hear strange mouthing noises.

Yup, she kicked the rails until the monitor fell and then went to town on it (she had it in her mouth (which is actually what I saw when I looked at the monitor...her open mouth (wish I had a picture of that), she chewed on it, played with it, etc).

And I caught it on camera (good to know I grabbed my camera rather than running up there to stop her).

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Bilbo said...

My granddaughter Elise has a hairdo just like must be the latest thing for small children.