Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Mini Hiatus

I'll be stepping away from the computer for a few days...

... but I promise to have some fun posts this upcoming week. Also, I plan to have a very fun "12 Days of Christmas" posting series this December (that may actually take me more than twelve days... I mean... you saw how my 30 Day challenge went....whatever - shit happens).

During this blogging hiatus, please enjoy these pictures:
Laundry Day (both outfits are old Carter outfits):

Making Lunch (I always ask Carter to help me make lunch - and he usually prepares food from his fake plastic food drawer (other times he just flat out ignores me and wanders off to play with trucks). Today’s lunch was apparently a pan-fried combo of the following: a tomato, fries, a potato, a piece of pizza and a chicken leg)

"The Audience" (Carter lined up his toys (in a very rainman-ish style arrangement...I love my little OCD man) and little people to watch him while he bounced on the trampoline)

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Bilbo said...

Those are truly adorable children...almost as adorable as my own grandchildren! Looking forward to the 12 days of Christmas!