Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello LOVA (Read: mac)

This is my first ever post from my brand new Mac Book Pro. I can’t seem to come up with words to describe the awesomeness that is Mac. Or am I suppose to call it Apple? Crud, I don’t even know the lingo yet. I’m so uncool.

I won’t go on about how much I disliked my Dell - because in all honesty ... it was a great machine (plus, if you have read this blog before - you’ve read all of my opinions about Dell already and more than likely want me to shut up about it). My particular Dell didn’t suck. Dell just sucks - as a whole ... as a company (that doesn’t make it sound any better - but it’s my honest opinion (that, and the fact that Dell is run by a bunch of a-hole ass monkeys ... again ... just my opinion (based on my experiences with them)). But that’s not what this post is about.

As a matter of fact, there is no particular point to this post outside of ... I'm excited that I have a mac - I’m even more computer dorky than before (stop laughing ... YES, that is possible). But I am excited. Beyond excited. What a wonderful birthday present - from my wonderful husband.

I just have been wondering for awhile if Chad sort of woke up and thought, “I’m going to go buy my wife a mac today.” Or if it was something that he thought about for awhile. He had given me hints for a few days that my present was “something material” that I “really wanted.”

So I had guessed new boobs. Don’t judge me. I’ve had two kids...gravity plus two kids...well, I’ll just leave it at “gravity plus two kids” (plus, me being vain...but I’m the only one allowed to say that).

In fact, we had had a little guessing game going on. It went like this:

Chad: What do you want for your birthday?

Me: A new toilet for upstairs

Chad (glaring at me): no seriously

Me: I am serious. I’d prefer you didn’t spend money on my birthday. It’s not like this is some milestone cares about birthdays anymore...lets get a new toilet - we need it.

Chad (looking annoyed): I’m not buying you a toilet

-------------we ended up buying a toilet anyways....funny how homes that are less than 20 years old fall apart----------------------

And then it continued:

Chad: So do you have any idea what your birthday present will be?

Me: No, give me a hint

Chad: It’s material and you want it really bad

Me: And it’s not a toilet

Chad (obviously sick of hearing about the toilet):’s not a toilet

------------A few hours later as Chad was out shopping with the kids (and Uncle Trad and Uncle Ben)-----------------------------

Me (via text message...just to mess with him): I figured it out - it’s new boobs!

Chad: Ha ha..No

----------------a few hours later- as Chad and the kids arrived home--------------

Me: Carter, where were you today with daddy?

Carter: Big truck

Chad: Tell mommy we were at the mac store

Carter: mommy, at the mag sore

Me: Tell daddy, “Yea right”

Carter (now chasing Chad): Yea right daddy yea right yea right yea right yea right

As it turns out - they were at the mac store. Not the silicone boob store. And I have a shiny new mac! Yea me! Yesterday and today was spent doing a million online tutorials on fun mac related things. It’s great. I’m in heaven.

I feel like I should get some sort of “street cred” as the kids say.

And before you PC users send me nasty comments, understand this, I’m not ripping on pc’s or pc users .... just Dell (well, specifically Dell corporation...not Dell machines). So don’t waste your angry comments on todays those for when I am being a lame mommy ...and then lash out on me (and set me over the edge of not coming out of my bedroom and hiding in the closet in the fetal position drooling and mumbling incoherently - because that has to be WAY more fun than just lashing out on me about computers).

P.S. How cute is my husband to take over my blog just to write me a little birthday card? He rocks.


Bilbo said...

If Chad would have offered to buy you new boobs for your birthday, you would probably have killed him. That's just how women are. The only thing worse would have been a vacuum cleaner. I have an iMac desktop that I love, and a Dell laptop that I keep so I can run all the Windows software I still have. I like the Mac better in most respects, but the laptop has its advantages...and it's more fun than a new toilet, even if it is capable of delivering much of the same material.

Karen At Home said...

So excited Chad bought you the Macbook! I have been wondering what he bought you since his post (which was really cute by the way.)

Happy Blogging with the new MAC!