Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Calling all Opinions

I know I typically go off on boring rants about how I get mad about opinions that were thrown at me (about raising children). But this time, I want your opinions (helpful ones at least - not assy ones about how I suck).

Avery has been my good sleeper since she was born. She took naps beautifully, she went to bed at night without a fuss, and she slept as much as we could expect a baby to for each given month…until now.

A few weeks after successfully sleep training her (supernanny style), she wakes up…ALL NIGHT LONG.

It goes like this:

- 7:oopm (ish) she’s in the bath having a nice soothing bath (read: splashing away with her toys and wash cloth).
- 7:10 I put soothing lavender lotion on her and talk to her softly about how she’s beautiful and mommy loves her so much
- 7:15 she’s in her pj’s, her sleep sack (whoever invented these should win a Nobel peace prize)
- 7:30 she’s in bed and almost asleep (she typically doesn’t even want to be rocked or read to…she just likes to babble to herself with her binky, and drift off to baby slumber by herself)

- 9:45/10 (ish) she is awake and screaming bloodcurdling screeches as if someone is hurting her (not her typically “I’m hungry” or “come cuddle with me” cries). We run in, check on her and her eyes are closed, but she’s bright red and screaming as loud as possible while trashing around and arching her back. There is no consoling her. Sometimes we resort to a bottle (even though we had mostly gone away from nighttime bottles during sleep training).

- 10/10:30 she’s usually back asleep.

This continues every 30 minutes or so for the rest of the night (or at least until 5am-ish).

The only way to make her stop screaming is to put her in bed with me (where she continues to scream most of the time…but if I put her on me and talk her through it – she sometimes falls asleep (although still waking up every 30-40 minutes or so)).

What is going on?

- Our pediatrician says “object permanence” which you and I (and anyone that is paying attention) knows is 100% wrong.
- Google says “Night terrors”…but I have no idea what to make of this.
- None of the sleep books that we have read have anything that sounds like this.
- I know it's not her ears, her eyes, her throat, etc etc (I had our doctor make sure it wasn't an ear infection, strep, etc).

What do you say? Please tell me your opinion. Any opinion or idea (to try) helps.

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