Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boogie on you

Carter is sick again. Yup. SICK A G A I N.

But before anyone else thinks they get to say “again” in some nasty judgmental tone ... allow me to warn you … I fully plan to punch anyone that says “sick again” to me. Because they clearly have:
A.) Forgotten how easy it is for a kid to get sick (sticking your finger in your friends nose and then your mouth isn’t strange for a kid (at least my kid) … not strange at all)
B.) Forgotten or never knew what it’s like to have a kid in their first year of school (which is notoriously when they get the sickest)
C.) Don’t know what it’s like to have one kid who won’t sleep and another kid who’s sick all the time (I’ll tell you - it means mommy gets sick all the time too)

Ok…defending-myself rant done.

Anyways, Carter has strep. And when Carter is sick…I tend to spoil him. And I think that he is finally old enough to realize that when he’s sick…he may as well get all of his requests in.

So Monday night, after we got back from the doctor…he wanted applesauce. And he had three helpings of applesauce for dinner…and that’s it...that was his entire dinner. He wanted multiple books at bed…which he got. He didn’t want to go to bed…he wanted us in his room…which he got. And then he asked if he could lay in bed with me. So…I agreed. Little did I know what this would entail.

I brought him in, laid him down, turned off the tv and told him to go to bed.

All was quiet.

And then it started:
Carter (while knocking on my head (as if to knock on a door): hey mommy…in mommy and daddy’s room
Me: Yes Carter, you’re in our room
Carter: Hey Mommy, Mickey on?
Me: No Buddy. No tv, it’s bedtime
Carter (after a few minutes of quiet): Juice?
Me: You have had a ton of juice, go to sleep
Carter (after a few more minutes of quiet): HIDE
Me: Carter man, we’re not playing hide and seek ... it’s bed time
Carter: Hey mommy, boogies
Me: Ok, here is a tissue…if you think you have boogies…then wipe your noise
Carter (after passing gas): haa ... fart. Loud Fart
Me…deep sigh
Carter: Hey mommy….FAAAARRRT
Me: I heard….go to bed
Carter: Stinky
Me: Ok...let's not talk about it anymore.
Carter: Fire truck to my house?
Me: No…you can’t request a fire truck to come to your house

All is quiet for a little big…and I start to fall asleep

Carter (as he wipes a sticky finger across my forehead): Boogie on you
Me: That’s gross bud, don’t do that again. Use this tissue
Carter: No issue….boogie on mommy
Me: No boogies on mommy…use a tissue
Carter (as he continues to pick his nose and offer me his harvests): Yes boogie on mommy
Me: Ok…let’s go back to Carter’s room
Carter: Uh huh

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