Monday, November 22, 2010


We're back from our trip to Atlanta (to see Andy and Meredeth). And we're happy to report that traveling with two small children is really not that big of a deal. Say it with me ... "phew!"

This was my (and Chad's) first time flying with kids. And Carter and Avery's first time on a plane (by the way Continental, I think it's crap that we pay that much for plane tickets and you can't swing some plastic wing pins for the kids first flights - cheap bastards).

We started our trip by preparing Carter. We talked about planes, showed him pictures, told him about the noises planes make, where they go, what size they are, etc. So natch - he was pretty excited (although, as it turns out - he was just as excited about the luggage carts as he was the planes ("big tucks eveywhere mommy!"):Luckily, the plane was relatively empty on the way to Atlanta, so we were able to have plenty of room to sprawl out. Avery even sat on her own (calm down ... it was only briefly, while I retrieved some of her toys from my carry-on).
Carter loved the plane. He liked watching it take off, watching the ground, watching the clouds ... but mostly he enjoyed watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Ipad while we were in flight (that was key).
I'm proud to report that we were not those people with the crying kids. Not one peep out of either child. My kids rock.
Another first; the aquarium (the Georgia Aquarium is actually the world's largest aquarium - with over 8 million gallons of water (commercial over)). In Cleveland, we sort of just have some fish exhibits at the zoo (although I have heard some rumors about an aquarium ... fingers crossed!). So the trip to the Georgia Aquarium was pretty rockin'.
Carter has been talking about the "big fish" and "booga whales" ever since.

I have to think that Avery liked it too. She watched everything happily from her stroller, smiling, cooing ... and then passed out halfway through.
Carter and Chad even stuck their hands in the water to try to touch/interact with some fish (not too sure Carter was into this ... he kept saying "yucky... eww" - that's my little OCD clean man)One really special part too (outside of being able to hang out with Uncle Andy) was that this past weekend was the 5th Birthday celebration of the Aquarium's opening. So a few extra rooms (that are typically not open to the public) were open for viewing.
The penguins were a crowd favorite (as was the pop-up viewing pod).
Carter got a ride through most of the aquarium from Uncle Andy.
The whole trip to Atlanta was very special (for so many reasons).
We got to meet Aunt Meredeth (whom Carter has deemed Ann Merduth) for the first time, and some of her family (her nephew William is the same age as Carter - so they hit it off great) as well as see Andy and Meredeth's new house just outside Atlanta (Carter was mostly excited about the swingset - Avery was mostly excited that Meredeth paid so much attention to her).
All in all - a great trip. Carter and Avery would like to request more weekends with Uncle Andy and Ann Merduth (and are excited to meet Harrison very soon!).

Note: Yes, with new TSA rules...traveling with small children can be touchy (no pun intended). Just explain everything ahead of time to your kids and it may help. What also helps - nice TSA agents (not that you can control that). The agents at the Cleveland Airport were so wonderful (in fact, I wrote a letter to the Government contact for the TSA to let them know that the Cleveland team rocked). The Atlanta TSA agents were a whole other story ... they can suck it).

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Bilbo said...

Great pictures!! The ones I took at the aquarium in Pittsburgh didn't turn out nearly that well. Glad you had such a good time, TSA Atlanta notwithstanding. We drove to Pittsburgh last weekend for our beats getting patted down, scanned, irradiated, and otherwise probed. Happy Thanksgiving!