Monday, October 18, 2010

Saugatuck Michigan

We packed the kiddos up this past weekend and went to Saugatuck Michigan to hang out, enjoy the fall weather, see Nana and Papa (read: grandma and grandpa (Carter named them Nana and Papa a while ago))…and just have fun.

We rented an amazing cottage about three blocks out of downtown (seriously, the cottage rocked….if you need cottage rental ideas – let me know). We put the double stroller to good use, we enjoyed the beautiful weather, we window shopped, we played at a park with the kids, we went on a little bar crawl with the kids in the double stroller (what…we threw them some food scraps here and there), and that was just Friday.

Saturday, Nana and Papa arrived and we headed off to the Saugatuck Fall Festival. They had pumpkin sling shot games (where you could fling pumpkins or potatoes into the harbor (and I have to point out - papa and Carter were the only ones to get a pumpkin into the tire they got a prize)), gourd toss games, pumpkin decorating, music, beer (this is important to Chad and I…if you can’t tell), and fire truck rides!
(and when I say fire truck rides...I mean people literally rode on top of the fire truck. It was like Carter heaven)

And of course, as all visitors of Saugatuck should, we enjoyed the local art (which is all over town).

In the event that you have never heard of Saugatuck or have never been there…I’ll just say – you should go. Saugatuck is not only one of my favorite Michigan towns, but it has also received some national recognition,

- Listed as one of “The Dozen Distinctive Destinations” in the United States – by the National Trust for Historic Preservation
- Midwest Living Magazine rated Saugatuck/Douglas 5th among the top 100 vacation destinations in the Midwest
- It is consistently named one of America's top 25 arts destinations, and is often referred to as "The Art Coast of Michigan"
- Saugatuck’s Oval Beach is ranked one of the top 25 beaches in the world by Condé Nast and one of the top two in the USA by National Geographic Traveler
- The Chicago Tribune rated it number one out of the Midwest's five best beaches

A few other fun Saugatuck facts:
- Saugatuck hosts the internationally-acclaimed Waterfront Film Festival every year – in June.
This festival was named the third most popular film festival in the world - after Sundance and Cannes - by the Screen Actors Guild's national magazine.

Also, and not to be downplayed, the ‘corner drug store’ has a soda fountain where sodas and malted shakes have been served for 84 years.

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Bilbo said...

With a name like "Saugatuck," it would have to be a beautiful place! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.