Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"The Same Page"..whatever that page may be

Another conversation brought to you from my shiny happy household:
(this one takes place between Chad and I in the car coming home from dinner…the night after Carter had thrown a terrible tantrum at a kids shoe store at the mall):

Me: So what did you say to Carter when you took him for a walk – when you left the store?
Chad: That’s between Carter and I
Me: What…no seriously…what did you say?
Chad: That he embarrassed me
Me: WHAT?! You can’t tell a kid that they embarrass you.
Chad: Yea ya can…. I wasn’t mean – I just told him that he wasn’t acting appropriately and that he was acting rude
Me: Seriously…don’t tell him that he’s embarrassing …it’ll f him up for life…now he’s gonna be the creepy weird teenager…all because he thinks he’s this embarrassment to his family…and he’ll always be looking for someone’s approval…by being all needy and weird.
Chad: Umm..honey…I was just trying to scold him for throwing a tantrum. Don’t make it all about feelings and blah blah blah
Me: Well, so we’re on the same discipline page – I try to say things like “Carter, I understand that you’re frustrated…and I understand that you’re feeling mad…but you can find other ways to communicate this frustration to me and I promise to listen.
Chad: Oh good lord honey…you can be all rainbows and skipping through fields of sunshine between 9 and 5…but don’t come crying to me when I’m able to discipline him by giving him “the look” and you’re all (and at this point he added a whiney female voice), “ohh….wah wah wah Carter won’t listen to me…and he doesn’t take me seriously…it’s like he doesn’t care what I say…wah wah”

And then Chad parked the car (in our driveway) and got out and skipped up the driveway singing “ohhh…rainbows and sunshine…rainbows and sunshine…skippy skippy la la”

I followed behind him glaring at him. I take it…we’re not on the same page.

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