Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Picking Somewhere In Ohio

Last weekend (yea yea…I’m behind) we went pumpkin picking (we’ll call this activity 23).

Now, you can pick pumpkins out at a local grocery store, big-box store, or nursery…or you can find a farm and pick them yourself. We opted for the self-picking method. And we’ll be doing this from now on.

We drove about 30 or 40 minutes south of Cleveland to a pumpkin farm somewhere between Lodi and Wooster. I say “somewhere between” because I was lost from the time we left the Lodi outlet mall vicinity until we got back there.

So I can’t:
A.) tell you how to get to this farm -or-
B.) even tell you the name of the farm ... since I spent so much of the time staring at cows and farms (I’m more of a city girl …what can I say).

We played in a toddler-sized hay maze,

(Oh yea - that's my little guy in one bad ass skull and cross bones shirt. Don't mess with him ... he's one step from a harley and studded leather jacket (if mommy ever lets him stop wearing footie jammies))ran through a huge meadow maze, sat by a fire (where you could roast marshmallows or wieners), rode on a hay ride (a very very long and super fun hay ride) back to the pumpkin patch (Avery's first tractor ride...yup - starting this one early...yee haw Avery!)…and then picked some pumpkins.

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