Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our Bet

Chad and I made a bet this morning. A simple, harmless bet. Heavily loaded…but harmless (I say with a smirk).

You see, our contractor (that has been working on our kitchen and basement due to a broken line and flood) has still not finished our house (I say the word “still” with a very long emphasis on the “ill”). And, in an effort to not nag Chad about it ( know...since it's been MONTHS since the renovation started (and two months since the contractor has even been here) I have instead decided to use this as an opportunity to torture him … slowly.

And before you ask why I get to torture him for someone that we hired…I’d like to point out two things (read: three things):
1.) I didn’t hire him…in fact, I told Chad not to hire him (but I am not using the words “I told you so” here…not at all)
2.) Chad himself told me that I could not talk to the contractor…because I have a tendency to “be mean.”
(3.) I’m a woman…and a wife…we nag and torture…it’s just a fact)

The Terms:

If I win this bet (and the contractor does not 100% finish the house) - Chad has to write a long and relevant (to this blog) blog post. With pictures, links to stuff (if appropriate) and wit (not that I am always witty)

If he wins this bet (which he won't) - I have to wear an OSU shirt (for those of you that don't know - I'm from Michigan), AND I have to go to a bar (to watch whatever bowl game they play in) AND cheer for them. Have I mentioned... I hate sports?

The bet:
The contractor won’t finish our house by January 1, 2011. Sad you say…yes - yes it is. Expect a very very well written, witty blog post from Chad on this blog in January 2011.

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Bilbo said...

We have a friend who hired a contractor to remodel their bathroom. Not only didn't he finish, he badly botched what little he did do, then fled town, leaving his tools behind. Our friend, who is not a lady you want to piss off, made it her job to track him down and wreck him...and she did. It was ugly, but satisfying.