Friday, October 22, 2010

More real conversations from the Gotfam household:

Me: Carter, do you want to play a game?
Carter (while somewhat ignoring me and pointing out trucks on the way home from school): Uh Huh
Me: Let’s play ‘where do they live’
Carter: Uh Huh
Me: Where do Nana and Papa Live?
Carter: Itch-e-gan
Me: Michigan - Great Job!! Where does Carter live?
Carter: o-HI-o
Me: Very good! Where does Uncle Andy and Aunt Meredeth live?
Carter: Or-gia
Me: Georgia…Good! Where do Uncle Trad and Uncle Michael live?
Carter: Booston
Me: Boston – Good! Where does Aunt Gretchen live?
Carter: Our-Lot
Me: Great Job – she lives in Charlotte! Where do Mama and Daddy Live?
Carter: In mama’s truck
Me: Umm…in my jeep? Why do we have to live in the car?
Carter (blank stares…silence)
Me: ok….umm…Where does Baby Avery live?
Carter: Daddy’s butt
Me: This game has gone downhill quickly. Wanna play spot the big truck?
Carter: Uh Huh

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