Thursday, October 28, 2010

A mommy bloggers love for holiday cards

I have this problem (stop laughing, I know I have more than one). I have this design degree (and years of experience as a graphic designer, advertising director, creative director, etc etc for multiple companies).

Why is this a problem you ask?

Because it makes birthday invitations, holiday cards, thank you cards, etc all something I obsess over (seriously, if you saw how much I obsess, you would send Chad sympathy cards (and then I would proceed to stare at the cards wishing they were a different color and had used a different font)). I can’t exactly creatively direct a diaper change or plate of mac and cheese. So I obsess and fester about every little detail on photos for, text for, line widths, etc etc on any paper product that leaves this house. It makes me happy. In a very very geeky way.

But it’s also a bit of a problem because I don’t exactly have time to fester about kerning or cool new photoshop tricks anymore since someone is always pooping, throwing up, crashing a truck into something breakable, or needing a magic kiss to fix a boo boo.

Enter my solution.

I have shopped at shutterfly for holiday photo cards, birthday invitations, birth announcements, photo books, calendars, mugs, ok…I should stop before Chad checks the bank account to see the past damage I have done (Love you honey).

But for those of you that are busy moms, like quick and easy (yet great looking) items, want something that you don’t have to fill out (they offer folded cards too – for those of you that send out yearly family updates (friends & family - please keep sending me these…I love them), allow me to walk you through how the online process works:

Step One – go to site and pick a design (I always like this stage…because I can preview cards and obsess about them for hours if I have time…or just pick a pretty one quickly if I’m in a hurry)
Step Two – upload your own photos and text (and obsess about the color, thickness, etc (this step is crucial for control freaks (like me)... because it lets me feel like I still controlled the art direction of the card - do you see the degree of my problem?)
Step Three – Order (I also like to kick back and drink a glass of wine at this point ... but that part is optional)

Done. DONE. No hunting down printer quotes, sifting through paper options (only to find out that your favorite paper was milled by monks in some remote country – making it uber expensive). Just done.
Here are my two leading contenders for the Gotfam’s 2010 holiday cards. I love the fun and cheery tones they have. Plus – I love that I have multiple places on these cards to plaster pictures of my kiddos faces. Feel free to post comments to vote for the card you think I should pick. I can’t say I will pick that one…but I always like creative comments.

My word for companies like this: Love.

Disclaimer: Shutteryfly did not compensate me for this post. They did however agree to send me a coupon for some free holiday cards. Paint me excited! Check your mailboxes (or this blog) in early (read: late) December to find what I picked.

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