Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I saw a fox today

Here is how it went down:

I dropped Carter off at school (he’s in pre-preschool a few hours a week) and then Avery and I went out to run some errands. On the way home – I cut down a very quiet street – behind the Strongsville Mall.

Well, I could hear the groceries rolling around in the back of the car – along with the double stroller, extra diapers, extra wipes, and Carter’s trash truck toy that WON’T STOP BEEPING - and all I could think was, “crap…my bread’s gonna get squished…I should have put the bag with the bread up in the front seat.”
Now, before you’re all “wow Chrissy…riveting post…are you really so boring that you’re telling us about your potentially squishy bread” let me finish (but yes, I am that boring…sometimes).

So I pulled over. Yea yea…I was on a public road…but whatever – there were no cars…and I hate squishy bread. Now’s where this post gets super fun (I say sarcastically ….realizing my own lameness).
Walking back towards my trunk, I notice movement by the back of my car. Well, being fearless (read: the complete and utter moron that I am) I just pranced back there to see what it was. “What was it,” you ask in pure excitement!
A fox.
But here is how long it took me to come to this realization (here is the internal conversation I had with myself while this poor fox stood there wondering why I was staring at it):

Me: That’s a weird looking dog.
Me: That dog’s really…orange.
Me: Why’s that dog so small and orange?
Me: That dog has a super long tail. And really pointy ears….
Me….thinking…thinking….staring blankly….
Me: OH CRAP…That’s a fox!
Me: Weird…I have never seen a fox this close…unless maybe it was at the zoo.
Me: Have I ever seen a fox at the zoo?
Fox….still staring….probably wondering how long is has to stand there before I go away.
Me: hmm…that fox is creeping me out…and being that it’s a wild animal…I should maybe get back in the car.
Me (now screeching out loud): BAhhhh…a fox!

So yea….that’s how slow I am. I apparently lack all flee-for-safety-instinct. Good thing it was just a fox (they’re harmless right?). Let’s hope that a bear or coyote never approaches me … or I’m a goner.

And on a side note - Strongsville is mostly housing developments and strip malls … it just seems so strange to see a wild animal in this environment (usually this environment is reserved for sweatervests, political signs and moms in mini vans). I swear it’s not all wild craziness here. But had it been…I wonder if I would have had a different instinct. Like, “wow…looky there…dinner! I’m done get my gun and get me some dinner…that orange dog looks tasty.”
Another side note: I tried to take a picture with my camera phone...but ended up fumbling with it to the point that I instead took a picture of my hand. And the hand picture wasn't worth posting. Instead - please enjoy this super cute picture of Carter (and his pink binky) and Layla.

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