Thursday, October 7, 2010

Activity 21: Cleveland Autism Walk

Chad and I brought the kids down to the Cleveland Walk for Autism a few weekends ago.

We partially went because we have a friend who works with autistic kids. We partially went because we wanted to learn more about autism. And we partially went because we want to do anything that we can to help find a cure … or just help…in any way.

Now, I have to admit; I didn’t know a lot about autism.

I knew that it mostly affected boys and that there are more cases than what people think. But what I didn’t know was that 1 in every 110 children (and 1 out of every 70 boys) is (are) diagnosed with Autism, which makes Autism more common than childhood cancer, childhood diabetes, and pediatric aids – all combined.

I also didn’t know that it is estimated that the diagnoses of Autism are increasing 10-17% annually.

There is no known cause and no known cure.

As a mother of a child who didn’t talk for two years, who has to have order and structure…I have to admit – this hit me somewhat hard. I feel for the parents of autistic children. I feel for autistic children – and adults. I feel for everyone that is in any way affected by autism.
I highly recommend getting involved in this incredible cause. Find local organizations and get involved.

For more information about Autism, see:
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