Thursday, October 7, 2010

Activity 20: The Lakewood Park

Ok, so I have been a little bad about blogging about my 30-day (read: 30-activity) challenge. In fact, I have been sort of bad about even completing it. I lost my momentum. I totally lost it.

But ... I’m back now. I bought a double stroller … and I’m like a whole new mommy! "So What?" you ask. Well, a double stroller is like gold for a mommy of two small children. Because it means ... containment.

Watch out world, I’m equipped with a massive-sized double stroller (that can fit through most standard-sized doors). So the kiddos and I are off…to explore the rest of Northeast Ohio (well, locations that I can get to through doors that are standard sized or bigger).

And what better time than fall (my favorite season)?

Our 20th activity was the Lakewood Park (we went there a few weeks ago). I love the Lakewood Park. Love it. It’s hands-down one of the best parks in Northeast Ohio.

The Lakewood Park was (in fact) this mommies stroller-breaking point. I went with a single stroller …and ended up fighting with Carter the entire time and had to threaten to leave multiple times (I was so that mom - the one that's all, "no no no...don't run away from us...stay by your mother and sister....stop running away"). So, thank you Lakewood Park for solidifying my decision about a double stroller and for lighting a little fire under my rear end to get it soon.

Avery had fun in the single stroller though. A lot of fun in fact. It was one of the first times that I heard her laugh out loud.
And Carter had fun on pretty much everything. The swings, the slides, the tires, the boardwalk, the weird-animal-spring-riding-toy things, etc.

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