Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yesterday was Chad's birthday

And trust me when I say…I had a blog post. I had this great long blog post ready to be posted…and all I needed was a little cooperation from the toddler. Yup, laugh it up. I actually though this was possible.

You see, Carter and had been practicing for weeks.

I’d say, “what is today?” and he’d respond, “Daddy’s burfday!”
And I’d say, “so what do we eat?” and he’d respond, “happy cake!”
And I’d say, “and what do we sing to daddy?” and he’d start into song, “happy burfday daddy…happy burfday daddy…happy happy happy daddddy!”

And all I needed was to catch it on video. And I tried…and tried…and tried.
But every time the camera went on…he would use it as his opportunity to tell me something else.

First attempt: “Mommy, new monkey tattoo” (he obviously doesn’t have real tattoos…I bought him temporary tattoos for his birthday and let him have one on his arm every so often as a special treat…nice huh? I’m teaching my kid that tattoos are treats…sigh)

Second attempt: “Nana Papa? Nana Papa each in itchy-gan” (read: I want Nana and Papa to bring me to the beach in Michigan)

Third attempt: “Mama, Baby Avery change – poo pot.” (read: I pooped myself…and need to be changed…but I can’t quite admit it – because you’ll use it as an opportunity to talk to me about that stupid potty…so I am going to blame that horrible poop smell on Avery…and hope that you can read between the lines)

Fourth attempt (Chad was actually home at this point) and well ... i’ll just show you how this attempt went

So, happy (belated) birthday Chad. I love you

p.s. I hope you like your present!!

(I got him an ipad ... i'm slowly moving this family into the Apple world (after my whole Dell issue))


Bilbo said...

Happy burfday, Chad!

Wendy said...

I beat he broke into song right after the camera was off. That's my experience... grrrr.
Happy (late) birthday Chad!