Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today’s puzzling realization

I realized this week that on the same day that my incredibly talented and innovative dad was in the paper (and by ‘paper’ I mean a few actual newspapers) for founding a new Digital Design Village headquarters in Michigan (more to come on that) …I was in the paper (and by ‘paper’ – I mean gay magazine) for drinking my ass off and partying.

What does this say about my family (read: me)?


Arnold said...

Just let me say it's a good thing you never saw me with an AR-15 automatic assault rifle blazing away into the darkness of a Vietnam night as I drunkenly shouted out what I thought of the Vietnamese and their stupid war. You may have come to an altogether different conclusion about your dad.. : )

But I'll lovingly take your now current version and just say thanks!!

Bilbo said...

Well, it makes me feel better about my own strange family.