Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rice Cereal

We gave Avery rice cereal (read: first food for babies) for the first time last night. How did we get to the food-stage so fast? Am I in one of those life-comes-at-you-fast commercials? Should I expect to wake up tomorrow to find her getting ready to go to the malls with her friends….to talk about how unbelievably uncool I am?

Outside of a few confused comments from Carter (regarding “his” highchair), the whole process seemed to go very well. It didn’t make her sleep through the night (as hoped). But her sleeping problems could also be due to discomfort from digesting bug larvae or switching to a new formula….or maybe she just likes to mess with us….OR maybe Carter had a little talk with her about how much fun it is to NEVER SLEEP. Let’s hope not.
Reason #568 why I like blogging so much... because I can go back and remember things.
This was Carter's first food.

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Wendy said...

Love how she has her foot up on the highchair tray area. Just lounging... Cereal never helped my children sleep either... never. Sigh...