Monday, September 27, 2010

One of my favorite things about Ohio - tomatoes

We went to my favorite local farm last weekend – The Red Wagon Farm. Where they had a special on tomatoes ... SCORE. Yup … I’m that dorky.

What's not cool about tomatoes in a wine box .... more so, what's not cool about having paid $7.95 for this many tomatoes (and another grocery bag of them too).

When we got home, I decided to make homemade pasta and pizza sauce - with fresh herbs from my garden. Yup ... I have an herb garden. Martha Freakin' Stewart people...

For my first attempt, the sauce was not too bad (Trad even liked it ... and he's quite the foodie).

And it was really fun to make up my own recipe to add to my families recipe box (which was a gift at my wedding shower… thank you Gretchen and Regina).

I’m hoping this becomes a Gotfam yearly tradition – the 'kick-off to fall' sauce making day.

And while I'm hoping for things ... I also hope that next year it doesn't take me an entire day to only make 4 containers worth of sauce to freeze. 6 containers maybe ... 8 would be great ... 4 seems ridiculous. But, in my defense...I had to fester about each and every ingredient to make it recipe box worthy. Because maybe ... just maybe...someday my kids will make my recipe too.

And hell, as long as I'm hoping for things - I hope that Avery starts sleeping through the night ... tonight.
Don't judge me for putting her in her brother's old sleeper ... (and on a side note... they look identical to cute)


Bilbo said...

Ah, fresh tomatoes! Reminds me of the year my father planted 120 (yes, that's 120!) tomato plants in our garden. Mom couldn't make enough spaghetti sauce, ketchup, and ratatouille to use them all. She sent us door-to-door to give them away, and put baskets of tomatoes in the mailbox for our mailman twice a week. Today, my garden has about 4 tomato plants in it, and they are ones that grew from seeds that were in my compost pile. Just enough for Agnes and I. Oh, and we grow our own basil, parsley, tarragon, and thyme, too. Yum...

Wendy said...

I need the recipe. So far, my attempts have been failed. Please send it to me!