Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Carter has learned a new word. "MINE." And he doesn't ever just say it quietly. He screams, "MINE" whenever anyone touches anything that he deems his ... or anything he'd like to be his ... or really anything anytime. Great huh? Such manners.

So, we're working on the concept of sharing. Especially when it comes to Avery.
He is on and off jealous about her toys, her seats, her bottles, her binkies (as you have most likely seen in photos), etc.

Prime example, her bouncy seat. When I want to put Avery in her baby bouncer - Carter plops down and promptly declares that it's his.

So mommy tried a little test. I pulled his bean bag chair (that he hasn't used in months) over next to her seat and asked which he wanted. He picked her bouncy chair. So I put Avery on his bean bag chair (calm down... I watched her closely and didn't leave her side). And guess what...yup - he wanted the bean bag back. Funny how that works. It's ok Carter - most boys have grass is greener syndome sooner or later - and it's much more acceptable when you're 2 (and with your toys and chairs) than when you're 40 and think your neighbors wife is hot. Just creepy then.

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