Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I’m the Stinky, Snot-Nosed Parent now…

I spent this morning at the local CVS Minute Clinic. Just me and all of the people in the southern suburbs of Cleveland.

I guess I wasn’t thinking when I saw the “flu shots today” sign out in front of the drug store.

I honestly didn’t think I would walk into a waiting area that full of people. Especially since I wasn’t there for a flu shot (although I got one anyway while I waited for my prescription to be filled).

I was there for something else entirely. Something I picked up at Carter’s school ... from some stinky, snot-nosed kid who’s stinky, snot-nosed parent brought them to school sick.

Have I mentioned that Carter’s in school before? I’ll get into the reasons that we put him in pre-preschool later (because trust me … I agonized over the reasons for a long long time).

The up side of school: he loves it.
He loves having time with a bunch of other kids. He loves having his own independent time (without a parent with him). I honestly think he feels proud of himself when he gives me the artwork he made at school. And he’s learning so fast I can barely keep up.

The downside: sick … snotty … kids.
Some snot-nosed kid is always bringing some snot-nosed sickness to school and spreading it all around to the rest of the snot-nosed kids … so that they can bring it home and infect their unsuspecting parents.

And I do my best to tell him to not touch his mouth, his eyes and other kids mouths (and other kids other things), and I wash his hands when we leave, I disinfect everything, and I do my best to not bring him to school when he’s sick (and if I get my hands on the parents that continually bring their sick kids to school… Heads. Will. Roll.).

So, I picked up pink eye. Strangely ... Carter did not. Just me. So, now…I’m the stinky, snot-nosed parent walking my kid into school … with a huge red swollen eye that is very noticeable.

And yes … I know that it’s noticeable. I’m not just being vain or insecure. I know this because the nurse practitioner this morning walked past me in the waiting room … and halfway through her sentence “so is everyone here for a flu shot…” she stopped and looked at me and said “except you … you’re clearly here for pink eye…” and then kept walking.
That's all for now ... I have to go throw away all of my eye makeup.

Ohh ... but on a side note - the Minute Clinic was amazing. I'm never going to another urgent care center again. And no FCC ... CVS and the Minute Clinic did not compensate me to say this.

And because my eye is all crusty and nasty ... I have decided to go ahead and not post a picture of it. Instead, please enjoy this picture of Avery ... in her striped sweater. So cute...

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