Thursday, September 16, 2010

Carter is now a big boy

Well, he’s in a big boy bed anyways.

We actually put him in his big boy bed quite awhile ago (I just haven’t blogged about it yet…I was too busy blogging about things that I’m curious about…that clearly interests nobody).

The big boy bed was up there on the list of things that scare the shit out of me. The list also includes things like:
- cold turkey-ing him on the world of no-more-binkies
- cold turkey-ing him on the world of no-more-diapers
- taking away his sippies and having him drink from a cup
- amish people (I am freakishly fascinated with amish people – yet…they scare the shit outta me…something’s up with them…it just is)
- shaving the cat down again (I feel like he may retaliate this time)
- tall escalators (they’re just freaky and …tall…and what the hell are they really attached to that makes them strong enough?)
- realtors. Maybe they don’t scare me as much as infuriate me. Maybe it’s more that I am scared of how I will act around them. They make me irrationally angry.

You know…stuff like that.

As for the big boy bed though – I will admit…I was scared. I honestly thought the world would come to a screeching halt and we would all be swallowed up into a black hole – created by the screams of an angry and overly sleepy 2 year old that refused to sleep in his big boy bed.

Instead though, he happily climbed into his bed, listened to his book … and WENT TO BED. He went to bed people. He just rolled over and went to bed.

He acted up more the day I bought him new sheets.

I’m not sure what to think of this. Does this mean he can handle change? I don’t know. My little guy is all about order, categorizing everything, and NO CHANGE in his environment. I mean …he can’t even handle new foods lately.

Here is my best example of Carter’s need for order:

I brought him to JumpYard today to play with his buddy Bradley. Now, JumpYard is a HUGE indoor playground of inflatable bounce houses, slides, etc etc.

And what did Carter do? He found the little plastic kitchen and reorganized all of the items in the cupboards and fake fridge before he could comfortably play in the rest of the playground area. That’s my Carter. He likes order.

He also put fake food in a little shopping cart and pushed it around for awhile. Maybe he hangs out with mommy too much.

But … apparently he can find order in his new big boy bed. And for that…I am proud of you little man. You are growing up so fast.

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Bilbo said...

You'll know it's a for-real big boy bed when you find a big girl in it. Just a little something for you to look forward to...