Friday, September 10, 2010

3rd Anniversary

A little over a week ago (good god I am behind in blog posts!) was Chad and my anniversary. Our 3rd anniversary to be exact.

Three years ago (and a little over a week ago) we got married, on the terrace of a beautiful club just outside of downtown Cleveland, on the perfect summer’s day – in front of our family and friends (and some random club members that crashed our party and drank our Corona).

Fast forward three years – and we have two beautiful children,two pretty ok pets (I’m iffy about you brutus…stop coughing up hair balls all over and you will be upgraded),a great house in the ‘burbs, and wonderful family and friends.

To celebrate our anniversary, we went to the Greenhouse Tavern in downtown Cleveland.If you haven’t eaten there yet (and you live in the area or plan to come to the area) – you MUST EAT THERE. I love love love that restaurant.

AND – because he is still as wonderful as the day that we got married – Chad sent me flowers – from (who I think is) the best florist in town – Michael Day at Flowerville (216-932-7550).

I love you Chad! Happy (belated) Anniversary!

FYI: I was not compensated or even heavily persuaded to say any of the complimentary things about any of the businesses (or my husband) in this post … they are all just my opinions…and I like to share opinions…if you hadn’t noticed.

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Bilbo said...

Congratulations! Agnes and I will celebrate our 28th anniversary next week, and have already decided we're going to The Bonefish Grill for's THE place for good seafood at a reasonable price, and their Mussels Josephine are one of our all-time favorite appetizers. Drat, now I'm hungry. Best wishes for many more happy anniversaries!