Monday, September 27, 2010

His first real black eye

What can I say? He’s a toddler.

I honestly don’t know what possesses him to bang his head against walls, or jump off the sofa (repeatedly). And I don’t know why he wants to climb to the top of the highest jungle gym at the park or why he thinks sitting on his bouncy ball and bouncing won’t end up in him falling.

I just don’t get it.

Everyone says, “boys will be boys”…and maybe that’s it.

Or maybe… he’s bound to be a hockey player (although... that wouldn't be a very accepting environment for his pink binky)

Or maybe … mommy needs to bubble wrap him.

One of my favorite things about Ohio - tomatoes

We went to my favorite local farm last weekend – The Red Wagon Farm. Where they had a special on tomatoes ... SCORE. Yup … I’m that dorky.

What's not cool about tomatoes in a wine box .... more so, what's not cool about having paid $7.95 for this many tomatoes (and another grocery bag of them too).

When we got home, I decided to make homemade pasta and pizza sauce - with fresh herbs from my garden. Yup ... I have an herb garden. Martha Freakin' Stewart people...

For my first attempt, the sauce was not too bad (Trad even liked it ... and he's quite the foodie).

And it was really fun to make up my own recipe to add to my families recipe box (which was a gift at my wedding shower… thank you Gretchen and Regina).

I’m hoping this becomes a Gotfam yearly tradition – the 'kick-off to fall' sauce making day.

And while I'm hoping for things ... I also hope that next year it doesn't take me an entire day to only make 4 containers worth of sauce to freeze. 6 containers maybe ... 8 would be great ... 4 seems ridiculous. But, in my defense...I had to fester about each and every ingredient to make it recipe box worthy. Because maybe ... just maybe...someday my kids will make my recipe too.

And hell, as long as I'm hoping for things - I hope that Avery starts sleeping through the night ... tonight.
Don't judge me for putting her in her brother's old sleeper ... (and on a side note... they look identical to cute)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rice Cereal

We gave Avery rice cereal (read: first food for babies) for the first time last night. How did we get to the food-stage so fast? Am I in one of those life-comes-at-you-fast commercials? Should I expect to wake up tomorrow to find her getting ready to go to the malls with her friends….to talk about how unbelievably uncool I am?

Outside of a few confused comments from Carter (regarding “his” highchair), the whole process seemed to go very well. It didn’t make her sleep through the night (as hoped). But her sleeping problems could also be due to discomfort from digesting bug larvae or switching to a new formula….or maybe she just likes to mess with us….OR maybe Carter had a little talk with her about how much fun it is to NEVER SLEEP. Let’s hope not.
Reason #568 why I like blogging so much... because I can go back and remember things.
This was Carter's first food.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yesterday was Chad's birthday

And trust me when I say…I had a blog post. I had this great long blog post ready to be posted…and all I needed was a little cooperation from the toddler. Yup, laugh it up. I actually though this was possible.

You see, Carter and had been practicing for weeks.

I’d say, “what is today?” and he’d respond, “Daddy’s burfday!”
And I’d say, “so what do we eat?” and he’d respond, “happy cake!”
And I’d say, “and what do we sing to daddy?” and he’d start into song, “happy burfday daddy…happy burfday daddy…happy happy happy daddddy!”

And all I needed was to catch it on video. And I tried…and tried…and tried.
But every time the camera went on…he would use it as his opportunity to tell me something else.

First attempt: “Mommy, new monkey tattoo” (he obviously doesn’t have real tattoos…I bought him temporary tattoos for his birthday and let him have one on his arm every so often as a special treat…nice huh? I’m teaching my kid that tattoos are treats…sigh)

Second attempt: “Nana Papa? Nana Papa each in itchy-gan” (read: I want Nana and Papa to bring me to the beach in Michigan)

Third attempt: “Mama, Baby Avery change – poo pot.” (read: I pooped myself…and need to be changed…but I can’t quite admit it – because you’ll use it as an opportunity to talk to me about that stupid potty…so I am going to blame that horrible poop smell on Avery…and hope that you can read between the lines)

Fourth attempt (Chad was actually home at this point) and well ... i’ll just show you how this attempt went

So, happy (belated) birthday Chad. I love you

p.s. I hope you like your present!!

(I got him an ipad ... i'm slowly moving this family into the Apple world (after my whole Dell issue))

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pictures make me happy...

I’m the Stinky, Snot-Nosed Parent now…

I spent this morning at the local CVS Minute Clinic. Just me and all of the people in the southern suburbs of Cleveland.

I guess I wasn’t thinking when I saw the “flu shots today” sign out in front of the drug store.

I honestly didn’t think I would walk into a waiting area that full of people. Especially since I wasn’t there for a flu shot (although I got one anyway while I waited for my prescription to be filled).

I was there for something else entirely. Something I picked up at Carter’s school ... from some stinky, snot-nosed kid who’s stinky, snot-nosed parent brought them to school sick.

Have I mentioned that Carter’s in school before? I’ll get into the reasons that we put him in pre-preschool later (because trust me … I agonized over the reasons for a long long time).

The up side of school: he loves it.
He loves having time with a bunch of other kids. He loves having his own independent time (without a parent with him). I honestly think he feels proud of himself when he gives me the artwork he made at school. And he’s learning so fast I can barely keep up.

The downside: sick … snotty … kids.
Some snot-nosed kid is always bringing some snot-nosed sickness to school and spreading it all around to the rest of the snot-nosed kids … so that they can bring it home and infect their unsuspecting parents.

And I do my best to tell him to not touch his mouth, his eyes and other kids mouths (and other kids other things), and I wash his hands when we leave, I disinfect everything, and I do my best to not bring him to school when he’s sick (and if I get my hands on the parents that continually bring their sick kids to school… Heads. Will. Roll.).

So, I picked up pink eye. Strangely ... Carter did not. Just me. So, now…I’m the stinky, snot-nosed parent walking my kid into school … with a huge red swollen eye that is very noticeable.

And yes … I know that it’s noticeable. I’m not just being vain or insecure. I know this because the nurse practitioner this morning walked past me in the waiting room … and halfway through her sentence “so is everyone here for a flu shot…” she stopped and looked at me and said “except you … you’re clearly here for pink eye…” and then kept walking.
That's all for now ... I have to go throw away all of my eye makeup.

Ohh ... but on a side note - the Minute Clinic was amazing. I'm never going to another urgent care center again. And no FCC ... CVS and the Minute Clinic did not compensate me to say this.

And because my eye is all crusty and nasty ... I have decided to go ahead and not post a picture of it. Instead, please enjoy this picture of Avery ... in her striped sweater. So cute...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Carter is now a big boy

Well, he’s in a big boy bed anyways.

We actually put him in his big boy bed quite awhile ago (I just haven’t blogged about it yet…I was too busy blogging about things that I’m curious about…that clearly interests nobody).

The big boy bed was up there on the list of things that scare the shit out of me. The list also includes things like:
- cold turkey-ing him on the world of no-more-binkies
- cold turkey-ing him on the world of no-more-diapers
- taking away his sippies and having him drink from a cup
- amish people (I am freakishly fascinated with amish people – yet…they scare the shit outta me…something’s up with them…it just is)
- shaving the cat down again (I feel like he may retaliate this time)
- tall escalators (they’re just freaky and …tall…and what the hell are they really attached to that makes them strong enough?)
- realtors. Maybe they don’t scare me as much as infuriate me. Maybe it’s more that I am scared of how I will act around them. They make me irrationally angry.

You know…stuff like that.

As for the big boy bed though – I will admit…I was scared. I honestly thought the world would come to a screeching halt and we would all be swallowed up into a black hole – created by the screams of an angry and overly sleepy 2 year old that refused to sleep in his big boy bed.

Instead though, he happily climbed into his bed, listened to his book … and WENT TO BED. He went to bed people. He just rolled over and went to bed.

He acted up more the day I bought him new sheets.

I’m not sure what to think of this. Does this mean he can handle change? I don’t know. My little guy is all about order, categorizing everything, and NO CHANGE in his environment. I mean …he can’t even handle new foods lately.

Here is my best example of Carter’s need for order:

I brought him to JumpYard today to play with his buddy Bradley. Now, JumpYard is a HUGE indoor playground of inflatable bounce houses, slides, etc etc.

And what did Carter do? He found the little plastic kitchen and reorganized all of the items in the cupboards and fake fridge before he could comfortably play in the rest of the playground area. That’s my Carter. He likes order.

He also put fake food in a little shopping cart and pushed it around for awhile. Maybe he hangs out with mommy too much.

But … apparently he can find order in his new big boy bed. And for that…I am proud of you little man. You are growing up so fast.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today’s puzzling realization

I realized this week that on the same day that my incredibly talented and innovative dad was in the paper (and by ‘paper’ I mean a few actual newspapers) for founding a new Digital Design Village headquarters in Michigan (more to come on that) …I was in the paper (and by ‘paper’ – I mean gay magazine) for drinking my ass off and partying.

What does this say about my family (read: me)?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cleveland Public Theatre's Pandemonium 2010

Sometimes this mommy gets out. And this past weekend was one of those times. Chad volunteered to watch the kiddos so I could go on a hot date with my gay husband, Trad.
And what a date.
We went to the Cleveland Public Theatre’s 2010 fund raising event – Pandemonium (with a theme of "wild things"...but what seemed like “where the wild things are”). Now, I’d like to describe the event to you (and I will try) …but I seem to be having a difficult time adequately describing it.
Maybe because there was just so much going on that it’s hard to narrow it down into one blog post. Or…maybe it’s because I spent a small portion of the night…well…half in the bag (who’s the classy mom?). But let’s just assume that the reality is between both of those.

All of the CPT “campus” opened up to various types of performance art (on what seemed like a million stages), spontaneous roaming theatrical performances (the Greene/Medcalf Movement Project's 'Reflections Of ...' was potentially one of the most beautiful performances I have ever seen), an aerial dance,
a cabaret of musical and comedic performances, dance acts (Inlet's "BALListic" pretty much rocked), bands (I am now a huge Lounge Kitty fan – although…I think it would have been appropriate for them to play “It’s raining men” and I sort of wish they had), some form of a roaming marching band (very “where the wild things are” ... esque), bars (there were a lot of those too … and with some wonderful beer that I had yet to try … love you Magic Hat #9..wink wink kiss kiss), flowers from flowerville (love love this florist...), food from so many wonderful local restaurants, rappellers climbing down the side of the main building, large monster creatures wandering around ...…really…I’m having a hard time describing it all - do you see why now?
I also had the chance to hang out with some really great friends - and ruin their otherwise super-cute pictures.

I’ll leave it at – it was wonderful. A wonderful event. A wonderful theatre. And obviously, a wonderful place to see future plays (see the CTP website for a full schedule of events).

A good take away and a good thing to always remember…donate to the arts. Local and national.

A few places to read about the event:

Cleveland Public Theatre’s Website:

Spangle Magazine:


And, as always…I was not compensated to say these things. I did get a ticket from Trad…but that’s just because I’m fabulous – and a rockin’ date… not because I write things that people tell me to (nobody told me what to write…nobody even tried to). So take that FCC

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Beige Diet

Carter has been on a strict “beige diet” (as our pediatrician calls it) for a little over a month now. He eats mac and cheese (he demands mac and cheese), grilled cheese, pancakes, waffles, toast, apple sauce and yogurt – all beige-ish colored foods.

His pediatrician says that a lot of toddlers go through this – and it’s perfectly normal.

I, however, tend to freak out that he will spontaneously combust if he doesn’t get enough fruits and veggies too. So I have been mixing vegetables into his mac and cheese and hoping that at least some of it gets eaten. But my little guy is pretty clever – and he tends to notice when I sneak things onto his plate. So I have started to try more tricks. DVR-ed dora episodes, games during meals (flash cards (yea yea...I do flash cards with helps his speech), and I have even let him have a matchbox car (or two) at the table…anything to keep him entertained enough to not notice the various non-beige foods I am trying to sneak by him.

But, in giving him toys at the table…I guess I should expect some food/toy messes. Here is one of the latest games he plays:
He loads up his dump truck with mac and cheese, drives it around his plate, he backs it up to the end of the table (while making beeping noises) and then dumps it into his mouth. Oh well, I can't think of any news stories where kids died from too much mac and cheese - or eating mac and cheese out of a toy truck...can you?
Plus, I figure... working on the ability to eat food while doing strange things will only just prepare him for college. Or would that be doing-strange-things and drinking? Or, doing-strange-things after drinking. Whatever - it's gotta prepare him for something.

3rd Anniversary

A little over a week ago (good god I am behind in blog posts!) was Chad and my anniversary. Our 3rd anniversary to be exact.

Three years ago (and a little over a week ago) we got married, on the terrace of a beautiful club just outside of downtown Cleveland, on the perfect summer’s day – in front of our family and friends (and some random club members that crashed our party and drank our Corona).

Fast forward three years – and we have two beautiful children,two pretty ok pets (I’m iffy about you brutus…stop coughing up hair balls all over and you will be upgraded),a great house in the ‘burbs, and wonderful family and friends.

To celebrate our anniversary, we went to the Greenhouse Tavern in downtown Cleveland.If you haven’t eaten there yet (and you live in the area or plan to come to the area) – you MUST EAT THERE. I love love love that restaurant.

AND – because he is still as wonderful as the day that we got married – Chad sent me flowers – from (who I think is) the best florist in town – Michael Day at Flowerville (216-932-7550).

I love you Chad! Happy (belated) Anniversary!

FYI: I was not compensated or even heavily persuaded to say any of the complimentary things about any of the businesses (or my husband) in this post … they are all just my opinions…and I like to share opinions…if you hadn’t noticed.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Carter has learned a new word. "MINE." And he doesn't ever just say it quietly. He screams, "MINE" whenever anyone touches anything that he deems his ... or anything he'd like to be his ... or really anything anytime. Great huh? Such manners.

So, we're working on the concept of sharing. Especially when it comes to Avery.
He is on and off jealous about her toys, her seats, her bottles, her binkies (as you have most likely seen in photos), etc.

Prime example, her bouncy seat. When I want to put Avery in her baby bouncer - Carter plops down and promptly declares that it's his.

So mommy tried a little test. I pulled his bean bag chair (that he hasn't used in months) over next to her seat and asked which he wanted. He picked her bouncy chair. So I put Avery on his bean bag chair (calm down... I watched her closely and didn't leave her side). And guess what...yup - he wanted the bean bag back. Funny how that works. It's ok Carter - most boys have grass is greener syndome sooner or later - and it's much more acceptable when you're 2 (and with your toys and chairs) than when you're 40 and think your neighbors wife is hot. Just creepy then.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One of those days

Today was one of those days. And I can’t even pin point why. I wouldn't call it bad, or good, or anything really. It was just one of those days that flew by - and I feel like I accomplished nothing. When I became a stay-at-home mom, I mistakenly thought I would have buttloads of time to come up with fun crafts for my kids, make elaborate dinner's - from scratch, steam clean nooks and crannies in my house, you know…things that nobody really has time for.

When I got Carter out of bed, he immediately called me a “bad dog” and smacked me. Which resulted in a long talk about hitting, feelings and name calling…and of course a two year old testing his limits, and a time out – all before 8am.

This event was quickly followed by me rushing to get Carter to school on time (why am I always running 15 minutes behind schedule - and what's the big deal if a 2 year old gets to pre-preschool on time? Will he miss some life-changing rendition of "the wheels on the bus?"), getting thrown-up on by Avery (yet continuing to wear the outfit), getting both kids to the car, bringing both kids back in to change Carter pants, bringing both kids back out to the car, bringing both kids back in to change Avery’s pants, bringing both kids back to the car, Carter smacking me IN THE FACE and then LAUGHING when I was fastening him into his car seat, bringing both kids back into the house for a Carter time out…and you see where I am going with this.

It was one of those days that tire you out – but you don’t necessarily feel that you have accomplished anything. Ever have one of those?

Sadly, I was happy that I accomplished: vacuuming (downstairs), 4 loads of laundry, cleaning the kitchen, calling Gymboree (to gripe at them for continuing to charge me for a membership that I cancelled months ago), getting a bachelorette gift for a girlfriends bachelorette party (oh yea – I brought my 3 month old to an adult store…I’m classy), talking to a friend on the phone (hi Chris!), keeping both kids from spontaneously combusting for one more day, this lame (and ridiculously boring blog post), and having dinner on the table (leftovers).

Oh my god…I just blogged about doing laundry, being pooped on and left-overs! I’M SO LAME. PLEASE SEND HELP. I NEED TO GET OUT MORE

In other news...this is why having days like this are no biggie. Their awesomeness abounds...