Sunday, August 29, 2010

WARNING – This post has explicit language. Sorry grandma

I love conversations in the gotfam household. I really do. Between two mostly-sober parents, one toddler, one infant, and two stinky critters…we have a lot to talk about.

Today’s conversation (while in the car):

Carter: Moo-Fa-cell!
Me: What? What did you say buddy?
Chad: Hey Bud, can you take the binky out and say that?
Carter: Fooo-caa o aaa mama
Me (quietly to Chad): Did he just tell me to F- off?
Chad: Umm..well…I don’t think he intended to say that…but it really sounded like that didn’t it?
Me: Carter – what did you say?
Carter: Mo-Ci-cellll mama
Me: OHHH…Motorcycle! That’s right buddy – there is a motorcycle in front of us
Carter: Buh - bye Mutha Fucle
Carter: Buhh Bye Mutha Fuuuka
Chad (in total laughter): WHAT? What did you say?
Me: Carter – Say that again please…
Carter: Buh Bye Mutha Fuuuka
Chad (while frantically trying to get his phone to turn into a video camera): SAY THAT AGAIN!
Me (to Chad): What is the name of that movie about the bachelor party in vegas – the one with the little guy that pops out of the trunk of a car half-clothed yelling “Mutha Fuckas”

And - because I'm that mom ... I taped it when we got home. It was much more clear(ly wrong) in the car. But you'll get the idea here.

Note: If you're wondering why he says "babies" when we take his (sister's pink) binky out of his mouth - it's because we're trying to get rid of that stupid binky. So we told him that binky's are for babies.

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Bilbo said...

My little nephew years ago got all excited over a particular movie that he wanted to see over and over again. It was called "Shi**y Shi**y Bang Bang." I can't watch it any more with a straight face.

vw: bustra - a Japanese monster movie about the giant bus that ate Tokyo.