Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mommy's Cheese

It's been a long day (most of which was spent in the emergency room with a very sick little boy). More to come on that.
Until this mommy has enough energy to post anything - please enjoy a few pictures from a recent photo shoot (from a wonderful photographer who broke my heart when she announced that she's moving to South Korea)

I realize that some of these are cheesy and staged (because we don't typically hang out on a perfectly fluffed bed in white and black outfits staring at each other lovingly (hell, I rarely even have my hair down (read: I never do my hair)). And Avery doesn't lay on her pink chair with a huge flower hat on - pondering world peace. But, sometimes...I like cheese. A LOT OF CHEESE. Cheese makes me happy.


Bilbo said...

As you know from last Cartoon Saturday, I, too, have heard the good news about cheeses! Great pictures, cheese or no. And scarves were invented so that hair doesn't need to be done.

chrislaw03 said...

We know these family moments aren't reality, but in fifteen years, Michael and I will definitely back you up and keep telling the kids that this is exactly what real life was like. :)