Tuesday, August 24, 2010

He is officially 2...and we're still alive

Carter actually turned two years old on August 4th (when we were in Michigan). And I tried not to cry for that entire day...and now ... as I realize that he's actually 2. Has time flown by that fast? What can I say - I love my little man.
Well, being the party-happy parents that we are...Chad and I were determined to throw him a party (with or without this house being done). In fact, we were determined to throw him a Thomas the Train party...given that he's so crazy for trains...and most vehicles in general.
I went to 3 different party stores to find enough Thomas the Train supplies, Chad ordered a Thomas the Train Cake (well, he found the baker... I psycho-ed the poor lady with pictures I had found on the internet of perfect cakes - I had to make Uncle Michael and Uncle Trad proud (after their cake last year - I was nervous to try to find anything that would hold up to expectations!))
I think the cake went over pretty well. Carter was excited at least.
Well, he was excited about the entire dessert table... that's my boy.
And...as if having friends over to play in the sandtable wasn't enough (it normally would be for Carter - the boy loves his sand) (you'll see him (below) playing with Jilly in the sandbox), he also got a ton of presents - including a new train table (from his mommy and daddy...love you buddy!), and trampoline (from uncle Andy)... I can't seem to get this video to be bigger...but you'll get the idea about how much he loves loves loves it,

a ton of cars and trucks,

AND - he had a bounce house (that we borrowed) to play in during the party...

AND HORSES that Chad's Aunt and Uncle brought for the kids (ok ok...and adults) to ride!

Above is Chad and Carter on Bill (the horse), and Carter's buddy Bradley and I on John horse.
Below are a few more horse picturs (because it was so freaking cool...it's worth a ton of photos)

And...since no party is successful without a ton of setup and assembly of kids toys ... I have to throw this in - Thanks dad and Chad ... I knew that if I supplied enough beer - you two would get the job done.
What the heck do we do for a 3rd birthday? The bar has been set high.

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Bilbo said...

Loved the cake! And yes, you have set the bar pretty high for future parties...by the time Carter is a teenager, you'll be renting one of the larger vessels from Princess Cruises ...