Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dave and Vanessa (and Dave's Birthday trip)

You may have noticed that I talk about a couple named Dave and Vanessa a lot. Nuff said…good post.


I met Dave and Vanessa years and years ago when I started dating Chad and had always wondered how they (meaning Chad - meeting Dave and Vanessa...not how Dave and Vanessa met....I shouldn't drink and post ... I just make no sense what-so-ever) had met and become such great friends (I ask a lot of questions...it has to be annoying to Chad - and pretty much everyone around me. When I say I ask a lot of questions... I literally ask questions about EVERYTHING. I'll get my kharma when Carter starts to ask "Why, but why, well why").

According to Chad, here’s how: a bunch of his high school buddies would hang out at Dave and Vanessa’s house almost weekly. They would watch tv, hang out, do who knows what (if I remember correctly…a lot of hanging out in high school mainly consisted of standing around acting cool – so maybe that went on too). He also mentioned something about watching "T&A" shows ... and I am going to go ahead and NOT ask questions about what that stands for...and assume they're pervs.

Well, I guess Chad and Dave would talk and just hang out ... and they became friends…and it sort of evolved into a really interesting mixture of friend meets father-son relationship. And since Chad’s dad had passed away – it was nice for him to have this relationship. In fact, it was nice for me too…since Dave always seemed to set him straight when he got out of control (thanks Dave – I still owe ya for that!).

I recall Chad calling me after we had been in huge fights (when we were dating…we’re perfect angels now…) and apologizing (which was HUGE) because he had talked to Dave…and Dave had talked him into his senses about something that he (read: both of us) were over reacting to. But…being that Chad and I are both uber stubborn aholes…we sort of needed someone to talk sense into one of us.

By the time Chad and I were going to get married – their friendship had really evolved into something very special - all of ours had. We all hung out, talked, we all drank together (you can thank me later for not posting pictures of some of those outings D&V).

To the extent that Chad asked Dave to be his father-figure for the wedding (I have to point out that when Chad asked Dave - we all cried like babies … sorry guys …had to do it … it’s cute).

I was going to post a super cute picture of the two of them before the wedding - but the bad ass...ness of this picture is not to be messed with. Gotta love how soprano-esque it is.

The reason I am bringing this all up is because Dave just celebrated his 40th birthday (ok…it wasn’t his 40th…but he looks 40…so we’re going with that). And we traveled to Canada (when uncle Trad watched the kids) to celebrate with him and Vanessa and some of their friends.

Oh yea - we're in a red, heart-shaped tub in this picture....drinkin' miller lite. Don't judge us...did you see the soprano-esque picture?

We actually went to Canada last year (and the year before) as well (below are a few pictures from last years trip) ...maybe it will become a ritual (hint hint wink wink)? Sorry Dave - but how could I not post this again?

It was a great time and we wish Dave a wonderful wonderful birthday (although belated – as this post should have been posted weeks ago). And if they’re reading this (you better be!) I want you both to know that you are truly very special to us and we love you both.

(and you thought I would write something funny or sarcastic … I’m just a bag-a-surprises huh?)

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Bilbo said...

"Soprano-esque." My vocabulary has been immeasurably enriched. Great picture, though!