Friday, August 13, 2010


In my on-and-off attempt to continue the 30-day challenge, I brought the kids to an indoor (padded) play area in Medina (just south of Cleveland) yesterday called Amazone. It costs just under $5 (per child ... only kids playing on the equipment count - so I didn't pay for Avery) and was very stroller friendly.
One nice aspect was that one half was a jungle play area and the other half was an arcade. So if you do have older children (that are too cool for the play area) they can always blow people up on arcade games (always a crowd fav).
The entire play area was set up like a jungle...but sort of in this wipe-out (if you have never seen that show - you're missing out on some good ole' laugh-at-other-people-falling entertainment) meets playground sorta way. And for the most part, toddlers could get around on their own throughout the entire jungle (although my girlfriend (that I went with) and I had to enter into the jungle multiple times when a foot got stuck, someone got scared or there was a 'learning opportunity' about not-pushing, not-hitting, and not cutting in line).
Avery and her buddy Brock even seemed to enjoy the lights and noise (very stimulating for little ones - if only it had made her sleep through the night...sigh).

A few down-sides (but don't let this deter you from was honestly a very good time - the plus' very much out-number the minus'):

1.) When the jungle gets busy...there is a little bit of a cluster F for little ones. So if your kids are younger than 3 - pick your time wisely. Also, if you're bringing a baby in a stroller along with your toddler - make sure someone can watch your baby in the event that you have to chase your toddler in the jungle.

2.) There is a system in place (with wrist bands) to make sure nobody can snatch up your kid and walk out the door with them...and they are suppose to check bands prior to anyone leaving with a child. This didn't happen, in fact there was nobody near the door. So, watch your kids. But honestly, the fact that they even have a system is great - we should all be aware and watch our kids at all times in public areas.
For more information on Amazone - go to:

We more than likely won't be doing any super fun activities today. Today is a big day for our house (potentially) getting done. We have more contractors in and out today than any other day thus far, we're having furniture delivered, carpet installed, more tile work done, cabinets installed, etc.

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