Monday, July 12, 2010

What becomes of texts between husband and wife when they have children

All recent text messages between Chad and I:

"Going on a car ride with Miss Grumpy Pants"

"Hard to fall asleep when the sun hasn’t even set yet"

"I think he’s dehydrated. He isn’t peeing much and has diarrhea"

"She’s still up. What a butthead"

"Carter may sleep all day and Avery may never sleep again. Opposite little monsters"

"Avery’s gassy…may have a poo issue"

"Carter just smacked my butt and yelled “mum mum biiig butt”"

"Is he ok? Was he dirty? He doesn’t have a fever does he?"

"Omg – she’s still awake!"

"Want anything from McDonalds?"

1 comment:

Bilbo said...

You know you're really parents when you stand by the changing table and earnestly discuss the volume, color, density, and overall quality of poop.