Friday, July 2, 2010


Over the past year, Chad and I have worried and worried about Carter’s speech. He wasn’t talking, he wasn’t using words correctly, some idiot doctor used the dreaded “A” word without barely even looking at him first, you know … normal first time parent worries/issues. But he seems to be learning quite quickly now.

And as Carter learns words, I notice that there seems to be quite the learning curve. Where he hears the words, tries it, massacres it, tries it a few (hundred) more times, and then finally masters it. The 'massacres it' part is what I like the most. I try my hardest not to let him see me giggle … but it’s pretty funny … and really cute.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Mum-mum = Me (strange that he develops an English accent when referring to me)
Mommy = Me, but only when he's sick, tired, or hurt
Dada, dad, daddy = Chad
Baby = Avery
Abrey = Avery
Bad dog = Me (but this one only seems to be used in public … while he’s also taking off his clothes and throwing a tantrum)
Big mum mum = Me again…on fat days…thanks buddy
Dog-go = Layla (formerly known as "oggy") … or any other dog
Giddy giddy = Brutus and a few of the feline looking animals at the zoo (tigers, lions, leopards, small weird cat-looking things in the rainforest part of the Cleveland zoo). He also uses this word for very small dogs.
Wahhhma – Llamas, camels, ostrich (you can see that I like the zoo)
No no no = Don’t get me started on all of the things that this refers to
Yea = Yes
Moe Moe = More
Bilbo = Grandma G
Nana, nan nan = Grandma J
Pop pop, papa = Grandpa J
Truck = Truck, some suv’s, large cars, any type of vehicle he deems appropriate
Biiiig truck = See above…but think bigger
Hot Truck = Fire truck
Whoo whoo = Also a fire truck, ambulance, police car
Boat = Boats, construction vehicles
Dig dig, digger, dig truck = Construction vehicles
Bilbo Big Truck = Grandma G’s Motorhome
That = Pretty much everything
Bahley – His friend Bradey, and also any white suv that looks like the one Bradley arrives to playdates in
My Yanyell – Miss Danielle (Bradley’s mom)
My Yandy = Miss Randi (his babysitter)
May May = Mail man (or any vehicle with a bad muffler - our mail man seriously needs some work done on his truck - he has no idea what it's doing to our kids understanding of mail trucks)
Elp, yelp = Help
Hop = Hop, skip, jump
Ball = Ball, wheel, circle
Biiiig ball = See above…think big
Wheel = Ball, wheel, circle
Wahn Mower = Lawn mower, tractor
Oh Man = Oh man…it’s what Swiper the fox says on Dora
Nite Nite = Nite nite, bedtime, naptime
Baby nite nite = Enough of her – send her back
Mum Mum Baby nite nite = You can send mom back with her…afterall, she’s the evil woman that brought that baby home
Boo = Blue
Why = White
Bubble = bubbles, white pollen things that float around in the air in springtime
Backpack = Backpack, Dora (she wears one)
Choo Choo = Train
Map = The map on Dora (you can see what cartoon he likes)
Mem Mem = M&M (he gets these as treats when he poops…I’ll try anything to get him interested in potty training again)
A Bee Bee = Binky (and really, any binky will do. One of his, his sisters, some other kids, a dirty one from the ground, he's not picky)
Mine = Mine (not sure who taught him that). This is when he really wants something – he screams “MINE” loudly and stomps his feet
Wub Wub = Love you
Bye Bye = Bye
Mum Mum Bye Bye = Seriously, get rid of her…she’s a baaaad dog
All Full = I’m done eating now, please come clean up after me …minion

There are more words – these are just the most commonly used. Ok, well…there are some other commonly used words…but I am going to go ahead and not post them…as they seem to have changed to other words in his head. And well, they’re not good…they’re words you don’t want your toddler to use (in public). We’re working on that.

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Bilbo said...

Our granddaughter Leya was very excited a few weeks back to be able to go to her uncle Tad's "gradulation" from medical school. And according to her explanation of a stick figure she drew the other day, one end is the brain and the other end is the "bagina." My daughter is still trying to figure out where she picked THAT one up...