Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today’s Activity: convincing the toddler to poop in a test cup

Ok, I’m only kidding. Well, somewhat. I won’t count collecting his poop in a test tube as a real activity … but I do still have to do it (it’s an activity for me I guess).

The doctor is concerned that Carter may have a parasite. Evidently when he was on his big camping trip with Grandma G (over 4th of July weekend) – he stuck his head in the water in an inland lake. Why he stuck his head in the water – I don’t know. But this should signal to me that it’s time to take the child to swim lessons shouldn’t it? So, in sticking his head in the water – he probably not only scared himself with a face full of muddy water – but he also may have ingested a parasite. Win win for him huh?

If I talk about poop on this blog any more I may have to change it’s name to

Given all of the doctors appointments and time constraints (read: an evening hair appointment for me), I was somewhat limited on what type of activity we could do today.

So, today’s actual activity was a visit to a park. It was a softball park in Strongville (I was hoping there would be some softball games that we could watch ... that may prepare him for a real baseball park visit soon (Carter loves sports)).
No softball games. But luckily there was a great playground next to the park. Carter ran and played on the equipment, we raced on the swings, he literally played and played until his hair turned into an afro of curls and sweat.

Avery (on the other hand) screamed … and farted (sorry Avery…someday you’ll be all, “moooooom…why did you have to tell the whole world about my gas?”).

On days when you can’t make it far away from home – a great activity is always a playground or park visit!

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