Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday's Activity: The Rocky River Boat Launch with Uncle Trad

Note: This blog post was ghost-written by Uncle Trad. He also babysat our monsters so that Chad and I could run away from home for a bit. Thanks Uncle Trad!

Uncle Trad here with today’s 30 day activity challenge, and boy what a challenge it turned out to be. Carter & Avery’s adventure was really a 2 day challenge, to see if they could survive a weekend with Uncle Trad. I had big plans, little did I realize that Carter had big plans as well.

After Mom & Dad headed off on their adventure to Canada, that wonderful land of Mounties, Caribou, a better view of Niagara Falls, a super great wine region, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and that cute accent (seriously, really love me some Canada). Carter, Avery & I headed off on our adventure. Uncle Trad planned and planned, and knowing that Carter likes to chase bugs, I had the perfect activity. So a few phone calls to some friends in high places at the amazing Cleveland MetroParks (okay not really high places....I know an artist that repairs all their exhibits and the web guy) and I was hooked up to have a one-on-one with the MetroParks bug expert.

So we load up the Jeep, which with a 2 year old and a 2 month old, and one Uncle Trad should qualify for at least one day of an activity challenge. All buckled in, we head north on our way to our bug adventure. Finally making it through the terrible traffic (really, I thought Boston was bad) onto the highway, when Carter starts saying OHHHHH NOOOOO! Now, normally when riding in the car, Biiiiggg Truuuck is the extent of any conversation, I get a bit worried. Looking in the rear view mirror I don’t really see anything wrong, but I kinda smell something. So we drive a bit further and I know something is wrong, smelly wrong. We get off at the next exit and I get out of the car and we’ve got big trouble. By big trouble I mean BIIIGGG trouble. It kinda looked like this.

It was a poo explosion. (and you thought with a guest blogger you would get away with not hearing about poo.....well you’re wrong.) So we head back home, because no amount of wipes are going to clean this one up. We get Avery and Carter, back in the house and Carter into the bath.

About an hour later we are, poo free, clean, dressed and ready to head out again, but unfortunately we have missed the bug adventure appointment.

So what sounds like bugs? Boats! Uncle Trad, always the quick thinker headed to the Rocky River Reservation portion of the MetroParks and took Carter & Avery on a boating adventure.

Lucky for us, there were a lot of things going on at the Sweetwater Landing. We saw the Rocky River Police towing a boat in distress.... Found real Rocky River Rocks....

and this, a boat being pulled from the water. It involved two of Carter’s favorites, a boat and a BIIIGGG TRUUCK! So we watched this tow truck pull the boat from the water and then drive it to it’s dry land dock.
So after a failed bug trip, we had a successful boat trip.
So seriously, the Rocky River MetroPark is pretty cool, plus the Sweetwater Landing has a great restaurant and even better views. It’s a great park to picnic in and walk along the Rocky River.

Overall, Uncle Trad could not have asked for a better weekend. Getting to spend time with Carter and Avery was the best activity I could imagine.

and not to leave Avery out......her adventure involved many costume changes. What else is a gay uncle for?!?


Wendy said...

My kids need an Uncle Trad (seriously, they do... does he want three more nephews?)! So does my blog! He is hilarious!!!! Hope you two had a good time up north.

Bilbo said...

Good job, Trad! I guess it's not just us professional grandparents that get to deal with these chores sometimes!