Sunday, July 18, 2010

Red Wagon Farm:

Chad and I are back. In fact, we were back in time to bring the kids on today’s adventure.

We decided to make today’s adventure a learning opportunity – the lesson: where food comes from (hey – if Yo Gabba Gabba can have lessons and still be cool … why can’t we?). So we brought Carter and Avery to a local farm.

Not far from our house is a farm called the Red Wagon Farm.
Chad and Carter picked out some corn (which we ate tonight … and it was potentially the best corn ever) and some peppers (I plan to make stuffed peppers tomorrow night).

Then we walked out onto the farm to show Carter the crops and have a little talk about where food comes from – and were lucky enough to meet the owner/farmer. He explained to us how they grow certain crops, how they avoid freeze, which crops grow in which season, how tractors move (Carter kept yelling “wheel wheel” while pointing at the tractor’s wheels), about upcoming festivals, etc. We absolutely loved the owner of the farm – and will be going back for produce and festivals (specifically, the fall hayrides).
After our farm visit – we planned to go on a quick grocery run (to continue to talk about food). And after a quick pit stop to clean up Avery (there are just no outings anymore without an accident in someone’s pants), a bottle for Avery and stroller walk for Carter and Chad, we were on our way to the store. Now, I’d like to say that we continued our food lesson…but really – the whole theme of the day was completely lost when Carter saw the grocery store’s truck shopping cart (our truck-obsessed son can’t go near a grocery store anymore without throwing a fit about riding in the truck carts ... so, a special thanks to whomever invented those ... jerk).

How more information on the Red Wagon Farms – go to:

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