Wednesday, July 21, 2010


For our activity today – we went to a parade. Well, we marched in a parade (at least for half of it…and then we stopped and watched the rest). During the summer – it would be hard to sneeze and not snot on someone going-to or coming-back from a parade – so this is a great activity for kids.
Carter and Avery (in the stroller) getting lined up before the parade started

The parade that we marched in/watched happened to be in our hometown (Strongsville) and it was extra special because we marched with Carter’s school (he attends school two half days a week).
I’m not gonna lie – today’s activity was the most difficult for me thus far. Chad was originally planning on attending – but then had to work late. So I had two kids…under two…with one single-seat stroller (which is really my own fault…I have been dragging my feet trying to find the perfect double stroller).

But I think we made it work the best that we could. Both kids seem to love the parade – Avery was smiling and cooing at the noises and sights and Carter was screaming “big truck ... big truck” at every passing float.

Carter loved a few specific floats/vehicles. Of course he loved the fire trucks (what boy doesn't). But he also loved this elephant (I think it was for some young republicans brain-washing club). Carter called it the "Big Dog-Go Big Butt."

And now... I am officially exhausted. This mommy blogger is going to bed...and hopefully everyone here will sleep tonight.


Wendy said...

There is NO perfect double stroller... and I am bitter. How about we design one... one for twins, one for well, not twins. : ) I feel for you... I can barely take my three to the store, let alone any of the stuff you are doing this month!

Bilbo said...

Many years ago, when I was an Air Force lieutenant stationed in Louisiana, I was tasked to march in a change-of-command parade under the broiling hot Louisiana summer sun. Behind me in the formation was a crusty old Lt Colonel who kept muttering under his breath, "The only difference between this parade and a Shriners' parade is that in the Shriners' parade, the clowns are all smiling!" It's much more fun to sit on the curb and watch other people march by...

Karen said...

I love Strongsville's parade!! I grew up in North Royalton and have been to many Strongsville parades growing up. Strongsville had the best Home Days around!