Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mum Mum's Big Butt

Well, thanks to some kidney stones and other complications – I lost the baby weight in warp speed after Avery was born. And thanks to Avery’s lack of interest in sleep – I’m going to gain it all back. Yup…I’m blaming the one and a half month old – not my self control.

Avery has had some problems falling asleep in the last week. And since she can’t fall asleep, she cries ... loudly. Which makes the dog (and her nervous belly) get all worked up. Which makes me want to sell the dog on ebay (have I mentioned this thought before?). And often, when the dog gets worked up, she will howl or bark (along with crapping on the floor). Which, in turn, wakes up Carter at night. Or, if during the day – makes Carter laugh and want to chase the dog with his trucks ... which makes her belly even more nervous. You can see my dilemma.

My solution: we go on car rides. A lot of them. In fact, if you live in the Northeast Ohio area – you have probably seen me driving around aimlessly. If you don’t live in the Northeast Ohio area – give me time (after awhile…I’ll need a change of scenery and may have to venture further).

Which brings me to my issue: driving around all the time makes me hungry.
And I’m left with three options:
1.) Risk waking the screamer up by bringing her into a store to get something healthy (this option does not work at 3am)
2.) Pack something to munch on (yea right…as if I have time to pack a snack when I am running out the door trying to avoid dog poo-splosion)
3.) Drive-thrus

Drive-thru’s it is. And I’m not ordering a salad. I’m ordering a frosty and fries or a donut and coffee shake. And now you see why I titled this post “mum mum’s big butt.” Sigh.

On a side note: there is just no reason for lights to be functioning at 3am (lookin’ at you here Strongsville). Stopping for too long makes Avery wake up…and then I have to drive longer. So please – on behalf of all sleep-deprived parents who resort to car rides – make lights blink unless it is absolutely necessary that they work 24/7.

On another side note: I’m sorry Carter. I am sure you don’t want to go on car rides instead of park trips and playdates. I promise mommy will come up with fun stuff to do for you very soon.

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