Friday, July 30, 2010

Lavender Farm

Aunt Gretchen and I brought the kiddos out to Streetsboro (on the far east side) today – to a Lavender farm. The Daybreak Lavender Farm - to be specific (it was designated by the 125 General Assembly of the Ohio State Senate as the First Lavender Farm in the State's History (according to their website)).

Set on 14 acres, the DayBreak Lavender Farm has lavender (are you asking yourself why I felt the need to list lavender?), daisies, misc other flowers, chickens (which was enough entertainment for Carter), berries, asparagus, trails, a small lake – and even a canoe-building workshop (according to their website).

Gretchen and I visited the boutique as well as the farm – and spent money in both places (happily). I bought some soap and teas ( presents for nana and papa for next week) at the boutique and at the farm we (of course) bought some fresh lavender (that Carter helped us pick out).I know that in previous years there was a big lavender festival, and this year there was not a festival – but in my opinion – I think it’s just as fun to go pick your own lavender (and Carter and Avery enjoyed hanging out with Gretchen). And Carter was just happy to see chickens, a pile of dirt and bees (although this scared the crap out of me…I don’t like bugs…that sting) but what can ya do - he’s a boy. And Avery was just happy to be in her stroller outside (that Carter kept an eye on) – being pushed through some fields of lavender (my arms may not be so happy about that tonight). Don’t be fooled though – Avery isn’t always happy-go-lucky on our adventures… in fact, she wasn’t so happy on our way to the farm (she gave Gretchen a taste of her screaming sessions) – when she realized that mommy hadn’t fed her prior to leaving. So Aunt Gretchie had to lean into the backseat to try to get half a bottle into her. We love you Aunt Gretchen!

Avery also had some quality Aunt Gretchen time this weekend. It was love at first sight (for both of them).

For more information on the Daybreak Farm, go to:

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