Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jumpy Jump Jump Jump (as Yo Gabba Gabba would say)

We visited the JumpYard in North Royalton yesterday (Wednesday - I'm having internet connection issues).

It’s an indoor playground for kids. There were inflatable toys galore, slides, games, video games, a cafeteria (with very kid-friendly food), a toddler area (complete with a train set (a Carter favorite)), wi-fi, etc.

And we had a very special treat: daddy joined us! Chad was able to go with us - as this activity was an evening one. So - he took a few picture of Carter and I playing too (so don't mind the rear view... what can I say...he's a guy).

I would highly highly recommend the Jump Yard. It's a wonderful time for kids (toddler and up). It's very clean, very stimulating (they had tv's with cartoons (and sports for adults), kids music playing) etc.

Avery even seemed stimulated - don't mind the fact that Avery puked right when I snapped this picture (I honestly didn't even notice it until I was downloading my pictures).

I can't say that it's 100% stroller-friendly (there was a second play area that was up a few stairs (with no ramp to bring a stroller up) ... so Avery and I hung out in the cafeteria while Chad and Carter played up there). But - outside of that - it's a very family-friendly adventure and it's a great great deal (very affordable).

Today's activity was a trip to a park and playground with aunt Gretchen. AND I completely forgot my camera.'ll just have to trust was fun. Parks and playgrounds are always fun for kids (and adults). Not the most exciting blog post (yay...another park)...but really...did you expect me to have a lengthy post about each day (if you said yes to don't have an infant...and you're evil).

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