Wednesday, July 7, 2010

From a recent conversation with Carter:

Carter (patting on the floor in his playhouse – for me to sit inside it and play with puzzles with him): mum mum
Me: Do you want mum mum to come play in your house with you?
Carter: yea
Me (trying to get into the house – through the SUPER SMALL door): mum mums butt is too big buddy…it used to be easier for me to fit through this door
Carter (while giggling): mum mum big butt
Me: Really? This is the phrase you decide to pick up on? You can’t say “Juice” or “Car” but you say that?
Carter: giggle giggle
Me: It’s only been 5 weeks buddy – give mum mum time…I’ll get through this door without a problem again
Carter (obviously uninterested in my pathetic excuses – and now pointing at a toy truck that he would like me to bring into the house…once I get my butt through the door): mum mum big truck
Me: Ok … I appreciate you changing the subject. I love you

Carter - in one of his new favorite outfits. No Shirt, pj pants and a cowboy hat

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Bilbo said...

Our granddaughter recently asked Agnes if she had a baby in her stomach. Ranks right up there with "mum mum big butt" on the out-of-the-mouths-of-babes cute expressions scale.