Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 10: The Beck Center

Today - the 30-day challenge brought the kids and I to the Beck Center.

The Beck Center is a non-profit performing arts and arts education organization located about 10-15 minutes from Cleveland – in Lakewood. It is considered (by many) to be the areas largest cultural arts center (and there’s a pretty rockin’ cafĂ© with outdoor seating (great for people watching) too).

For those of you that have read the blog for awhile – you may recall that Carter and I used to attend a weekly music class at the Beck Center.

In fact – we were even in the recent Beck Center promotional video online.

Well, today’s activity brought us back to the Beck Center – for a music/movement, storytelling, visual arts and theatre class (called “Early Childhood ABC’s” (the a.b.c. part stood for something … I just forget what).

“What does this entail?” – you ask. I’ll tell you. Our time was split into three classes.

In the first class, the instructor read books about art (really interesting and toddler-friendly books…in fact – I am currently looking for one of them online) and we made an art project and talked about shapes and colors. Below is Carter's art project (it was cooler than it looks...we made the black shape and then talked about what it looked like to us ... Carter of course said his looked like a "big truck").

In the second class we played imagination games, used props to play make-believe, and had an introduction to theatre (which Carter LOVED…uncle Trad will be so proud), oh…and Avery needed a bottle – and then threw up all over me. I don't have a picture of this class - since I was busy cleaning puke off my entire left side. But - if I did have a picture, you would see Carter wearing sheep ears, pretending to drive a submarine, jumping like a frog, roaring like a bear, etc.

And then in the third class we sang songs, played instruments, had more imagination play (through music) and learned some sign language. Below is Carter learning about the guitar (he was suppose to be using one finger to play it ... you can see how well that concept went over).

Overall, we had a wonderful time. Carter was so wound-up from the theatre/imagination time that he yelled and laughed the whole way home.

If you live in the Northeast Ohio area – I would highly recommend checking into classes (for all ages), productions, etc at the Beck Center. There are so many classes offered – in so many different genres – there is literally something for everyone. The only complaint that I have (and trust me…it’s hugely frustrating) is the center’s lack of organization when it comes to admissions. But I don’t want this to deter anyone from utilizing the Beck Center. If you have to beat down their door to get into a class (which you may have to do) ... do it. It’s worth it (but mention it to them too … and maybe they will eventually fix this issue).

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