Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crocker Park

Chad and Uncle Trad brought the kids to Crocker Park for today's activity. Crocker Park is a 75 acre mini-city of shops, restaurants, apartments, theatres, etc in Westlake.

Mommy did not go. I was too busy being hung over. Don’t judge me.

I have been wanting to bring Carter to Crocker Park to play in the water fountains (and I may still do this - another day).

I noticed on that Crocker Park had a kids fair today. So off Chad, Uncle Trad, Carter and Avery went (while I stood in the shower cursing beer). Carter played in Step 2 toys,
golfed with daddy, and signed up to win a playhouse (for Avery... I think it was pink).

Overall I think they had fun. I was another story.
For more information about Crocker Park, go to:


Kelly said...

Thanks for the mention! We need to visit Crocker Park for the water fountains too. Where did you find the giant margarita? I love margaritas! Hope you are feeling better today.

Gotfam said...

Kelly, the margaritas were from a new (ish) place on lorain near camms corner (si senior i think).
wonderful margaritas....won-der-ful!