Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cookies … with a touch of mac and cheese

Ok ok … so I said I wouldn’t make today’s activity a cooking or food related one. But, I made it a cooking one.
I honestly had big plans for today’s activity … but the weather ruined them. So I changed my plans and then my general piss poor attitude today ruined those plans. Not to mention … the whole day started with major poo-splosions … followed by more poo-splosions (lookin’ at you here kitty … and Avery … and Carter … and again at kitty).

So today’s activity was an at-home activity. A cooking-at-home-activity. So, for those of you that are already all “wow…an at home activity…that you’re passing off as a real activity…you can shut it…because cooking is a real activity…just ask chef ramsey…you donkey” (and for those of you that don’t watch that show (hell’s kitchen) he calls people ‘donkeys’…and it’s very very funny…in a super demeaning-glad-that-isn’t-happening-to-me sorta way). Obviously…we did other things today too. But cleaning the house and running errands in town aren’t activities…right?
Anyways, Carter and I cooked today – to continue our “where food comes from” theme. Now, I would like to say that we cooked stuffed peppers…because that would make a lot of sense (given that we bought peppers at the farm and sausage at the market). But we didn’t. We made cookies. Because mommy had a bad day…and cookies have chocolate in them… ‘nuff said.

Carter mixed the cookies, ate some chocolate chips, threw cookie mix all over the kitchen, said “ookie ... ookie” a few times and more than likely smeared his left-over mac and cheese (in between finger goo) into the cookie mix. Who’s hungry?

Avery's activity, on the other hand, was being photographed by mommy. See how happy she looks about that?

Note: Before anyone asks...yes - yes the one glass container says, "poop treats"...we're trying to get back to potty training...what can I say?

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Bilbo said...

I'm glad you clarified the meaning of "poop treats." I was starting to worry that the government had reorganized the Five Major Food Groups. And what did we feed our children before Kraft Mac & Cheese? (My granddaughter will not eat my wonderful, scratch-made baked macaroni & cheese)